SCL's Fresh Take

SportsChLeagueContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

Hey sports fans, welcome to the all new SCL’s Fresh Take, a whole new twist on sports for you the fan.  Today, we have a bunch of topics from over the weekend to discuss, so let’s get started.

With the first Sunday of NFL games yesterday, did anyone happen to watch Tiger Woods mop up the field at the BWM Championship?  Tiger was incredible while notching his 5th win at Cog Hill.  His 62 on Saturday was a trunk slammer for the rest of the field as Tiger was rolling the rock to the tune of 26.5 putts per round.  When Tiger has the flat stick going, there is absolutely no one who can beat him.  Michael Jordan offered some friendly advice for his pal after his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, “Kill or be killed.”  That mentality, coupled with a hot flat stick means trouble for the rest of the boys on tour.

How about the four interception debut on Lake Shore drive for Jay Cutler last night?  How many people picked the Bears to make it to the Super Bowl this year and now are rethinking that pick?  Cutler was slinging the pigskin all over the place and could have been picked 2 other times.  Cutler should take a chapter from the Aaron Rodgers book on quarterbacking as Rodgers played with poise beyond his years.  A big arm and a big mouth don’t win Super Bowls Jay Boy.  As I said in April just after the trade was made for Culter to Chicago…..Broncos Win, Bears Lose.

Next, did you see the meltdown by Serena Williams yesterday during the finals of the US Open?  Can you say McEnroe-esque?  I’m not sure why the outrage as this type of behavior has been going on for years.  Johnny Mac used to break racquets, swear at refs and throw cameras around.  The rules are much different I guess in tennis.  This ain’t basketball where the refs don’t get intimidated and will just tee you up for any personal threats or crazy outburst.  A couple of tees and they’ll run you for the night.  Off to the showers baby!  Adios!

How about on the injury front for week 1 in the NFL?  The Bears lost two starters in game 1 with Urlacher going down for the season with a bad wing.  McNabb broke a rib for the Birds causing the boys from Philly to sign Jeff Garcia as insurance.  Defensive standouts Jerod Mayo and Troy Polamalu both went down with bum wheels to add to the list.  A lot of big names in week 1.  Once the leather starts popping in the fall, NFL stands for “Not For Long.”

Last, Derek Jeter surpassed Lou Gehrig’s 70 plus year old record for most hits by a NY Yankee.  Can you believe that? Nice story and all but with the storied history of the Yankees and all the greats who donned the pinstripes, can you believe they have never had a player with 3,000 hits?  WOW!  I would have never guessed that with the likes of DiMaggio, Ruth, Gehrig and Mantle.  In typical Jeter fashion, after the record setting bee bee to right, Jeter simply tipped his lid acknowledging the crowd.

And that is our five big stories from the weekend.  Join us again tomorrow for the SCL’s Fresh Take.