Willie Randolph: It's Sink or Swim for Wet Willie with the New York Mets

Kevin RothContributor IMay 26, 2008

Willie Randolph, the New York Mets’ manager, had a meeting with the Mets’ Brass today, which included owner Fred Wilpon, COO and future owner Jeff Wilpon and General Manager Omar Minaya at 2:00 pm today.

No word has yet to come in as to whether or not the Mets’ manager will maintain his job with the team. Much speculation has been given to as whether Willie deserves a firing or not.

It may be imminent as Willie ticked off the Mets’ management with comments that his low job security was only speculated because of his race.

His attempts to apologize to the Wilpon's have been failures, as neither of them has returned his phone calls. After the horrific road trip the Mets recently suffered, many fans have been calling for a managerial change.

It might be necessary to get a fiery manager to whip this team back into shape.

The options that have been talked about a lot are Jerry Manuel, current bench coach, Lee Mazzilli, current pre/post game analyst, and Keith Hernandez, current color commentator.

There has just been a complete lack of fundamentals in this team recently. Reyes has been getting picked off more frequently than he has in his entire career, and the base-running, in general, has been horrific.

Another aspect Willie seems to be lacking is his decision making. Putting in Aaron Heilman in a crucial point of the game is just not cutting it anymore, and Willie just can't seem to understand that.

If there is no coaching change made, at least a change in the way this team plays and the way that Willie manages will have to do.