Danica Patrick, Ashley Harkelroad: Evolution of Women in Sports, Really?

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IMay 26, 2008

Wherever in the world or whatever the sport, I believe it is safe to say that the main priority are men, correct?


Whether it is the NBA, golf, race care driving, MMA—men are the main concern!


This being said, what happened if women finally found the secret to exposure inthe sport’s world?


There are many factors that allow women to stand under the bright lights and supposedly talent should be the only reason why, right?




Beauty and spunk has become the key to success with women in the world of sports—Lorena Ochoa is really the only woman in sports that uses just talent to obtain headlines.


Slowly, yet effectively women are stripping men from this title.


Should this worry the domination race of the sports world?


In the last couple of days, women have taken full exposure of everything media with various incidents—incidents that prove my point to come.


Danica Patrick and the heated incident with Ryan Briscoe, Australian driver.Which leads to one question—is she a race car driver or a female race car driver?


Rumors of women who would’t mind facing men in MMA—sounds ridiculous but can happen.


However, the main topic in this article is American tennis player Ashley Harkelroad. The No. 61 ranked beauty announced after losing to compatriot Serena Williams that she would be posing in Playboy’s August addition.


This has not only caused heads to spin but more importantly women’s heads.


Even though I’m not a women, I’m going out on a limb and saying this act has erased, in someway, the path women have forged to stardom.


The reason I say this is because women that choose to use there beauty over  talent in sports to achieve their 15 minutes of fame retract the evolution of women.


Nonetheless women’s evolution is growing, and fast! Danica Patrick shows just that.


All in all, do women feel reduced by the acts of an Ashley or a Kournikova?


I believe so! Women in all aspects of life fight very hard to achieve success and actions of this nature hold back those very accomplishments.


Maria Sharapova may be an exception due to her tremendous success in women's tennis, but the beautiful Russian has become more known for her photo shoots and commercials rather then her play.


I wrote the article and imposed my opinion on the subject, yet, I can’t decide!


Women of the world. What’s your two cents?