Disgusted at the Texans Loss: Why Dunta Robinson Is a Douchebag

Trey HuguleyContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 23:  Dunta Robinson #23 of the Houston Texans walks on the field during the NFL game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on November 23, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Wow. There are many, many words that could be used to describe the game that the Texans played against the New York Jets in the season opener. Unfortunately, most of these words are pretty damn inappropriate. To put it clean and simple, it was just disgusting and revolting to watch.

Matt Schaub and the Offense looked extremely flat. There was no energy and it looked like they would rather be at home on the couch than playing a football game. The Offense totaled less than 200 yards and never had a snap in the Red-Zone. That’s how bad it was.

The Defense showed signs of promise and really attempted to keep the Texans in the game, so that the Offense could make a play. But the Offense never made a play. Fatigue set in and the Jets blew things out in the second half. 

That being said, the Defense’s play wasn’t really that good anyway. They gave up 3rd and long after 3rd and long. Frank Bush kept blitzing with our Linebackers and Defensive Backs on 3rd and long rather than having them drop back in coverage. Typically, this pressure would cause a Rookie Quarterback to make some bad plays, but Matt Sanchez proved early that he could handle the pressure and converted the 3rd downs. With this in mind, Bush should have adapted and had the DB’s and LB’s drop back in zone coverage rather than blitz. The secondary was non-existent. 

The only positive to take away from the Defense’s performance against the Jets was the play by Brian Cushing, Mario Williams and Demeco Ryans. They were the only players on the field playing with heart and could be found making plays all over the field.

The lack of energy and coming out flat can all be blamed on Gary Kubiak. It’s his job to get these guys fired up and ready for the season opener, but he didn’t do that. Instead, he took the blame for the bad play saying, “It’s on me.”
A good coach would be all over those guys at Half-time and turn things around, not take the blame. Kubiak has shown flashes of being a good coach, but he needs to show some fire or he will completely lose support from the fans, the players and the Bob McNair. Then…it’s his job.

What is more sickening than the actual play of the game, is what happened with Dunta Robinson. With a sharpie, he wrote “Pay Me, Rick” on his shoes. Then, when asked about it after the game, he said that he was only in it to “Get Paid.” 

That type of ridiculous, selfish attitude has no place on a football team. It is a locker room disrupter and can help a team self destruct. Even more so when it comes from someone who is supposed to be a leader. This action and attitude, however, makes Robinson far from a leader. It makes him a loser, a douchebag and a prick. 

As a Houston Texans fan, I would rather see Gary Kubiak show some cajones and boot this loser off of the team and see them have a terrible season, than I would see him let Robinson stay on the team. 

The Texans have a lot of work to do over the next week before facing the Tennessee Titans, but it’s not time to give up hope. Let’s give them 5 games before we write them off completely…