Analyzing TNA's Alarming Drop in Ratings Under Vince Russo

Tim ListAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2009

The September 10th edition of TNA IMPACT! drew a 0.93 cable rating with 1.3 million viewers. The Jeff Jarrett-less, Vince Russo-driven promotion has now taken TNA to its lowest rated episode of IMPACT! in over a year. The number goes all the way back to August 14, 2008, when TNA drew a 0.93
Thursday's number is down from the previous week's 0.96 rating.

The show peaked in the third quarter-hour for a Knockouts tag match with a 0.97 rating and finished with 0.87 and 0.92 quarter-hour ratings during the final half-hour. So the show never broke a 1.0 rating.

Considering all the changes in TNA and the AJ Styles rise to prominence, this is not a good sign for the promotion or their show on SpikeTV.

While many within TNA will say the show  went up against the first game of the NFL regular season, which drew 20 million viewers on NBC, the excuses are difficult to justify. The show is just losing ground, despite the fact Sting appears to be winding down his career and the addition of Taz to the broadcast booth.

Here is the complete quarter-hour ratings breakdown for last night's show:

Q1: 0.88 - Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. Steiner/Booker vs. British Invasion
Q2: 0.93 - Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, AJ Styles & Sting in the ring
Q3: 0.97 - Taylor Wilde & Sarita v. Alissa Flash & Daffney, Eric Young backstage
Q4: 0.96 - The Pope vs. Jay Lethal, "The Beautiful People" vs. Madison Rayne & Roxxi
Q5: 0.95 - Backstage with Mick Foley, Abyss vs. Stevie Richards
Q6: 0.92 - Hector Guerrero confronts the World Elite
Q7: 0.87 - Cody Deaner vs. Tara
Q8: 0.92 - AJ Styles & Daniels vs. Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe, Hernandez/World Elite brawl