Why Do We Cheer The Heels?

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Why Do We Cheer The Heels?
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Hello, B/R universe…it’s Michael here, back with another article.


I have recently attended a WWE live event, and I noticed something. Almost all of the heels, except Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, got cheered. I actually think that Randy Orton got the possibly the biggest pop. So, I have a question for the WWE universe. Why do we cheer heels?


Now, I will admit, my favourite wrestlers, Kane, Chris Jericho, Zack Ryder and CM Punk, are all currently heels. However why do we cheer for them? There are always a couple possibilities, we want to go against the crowd, the heel is from the town that the WWE is currently in, in Canada, if the wrestler is Canadian.


I know why I cheer for CM Punk. It’s because I didn’t like Jeff Hardy and he just so happened to be feuding with him at the time. He also used to be a face, and has just recently turned heel. Since he started feuding with Hardy, I began to like him more and more, and here I am now.


When I first started watching the WWE, I hated Y2J, but since he has turned heel, he has become my favourite wrestler. This is why I’m at the computer today. We diehard fans’ favourite wrestlers are usually Randy Orton and Legacy, or Chris Jericho and The Big Show, my first question of this article is, why?


My next question will not be much different. While we are cheering for the heels, faces like John Cena and Triple H are getting booed. At Breaking Point in Montreal last night, you couldn’t hear any cheering for Cena. Why? Because they were getting drowned out by the boos!


While Cena is doing everything that would get any other crowd from any other sport cheering, he’s getting booed. The only heel that I know of that really doesn’t get cheered is William Regal. Oh wait, he got cheered at the House Show that I mentioned.


So one more time, heels doing everything to get booed, and faces do everything to get cheered. Yet, both sides still get short end of the stick (in the WWE creative team's opinion). I will admit, I cheer heels, but why do we? Please comment, with your answers!


Until next time, I’m Michael The Amazing, and have a nice day.

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