Answering Charlie Weis's Own Question: "To the Time Out Room"

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

CHESTNUT HILL, MA - NOVEMBER 8: Coach Charlie Weis of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish against the Boston College Eagles on November 8, 2008 at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.(Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

After Michigan's fourth-quarter comeback victory on Saturday, Charlie Weis asked his team the question: "Where do we go from here?"

Well apparently after much discussion, the fearless leader decided the best place to go is to the time-out room. That's right, the same place that all cry babies go when things don't go their way, a place better known as the media.

Charlie Weis has resorted to pointing to the referees instead of himself, his coaching staff, and his overrated defense. It's now a done deal that Armando Allen's foot was out. A South Bend news station admits it and has proof.

One of its cameras shows that Allen's foot was out of bounds. However, the Irish faithful now argue that the correct call wasn't actually the correct call because the review officials didn't have access to the WNDU camera.

So let me get this straight. Armando Allen's foot was out before it was in, but wasn't really out because no one saw it was really out?

Instead of arguing whether particular calls by the officials were correct (and by the way there were some questionable interference and holding calls/non-calls against Michigan that greatly affected the game as well), the Irish faithful should focus on whether Charlie Weis's brilliant strategy of passing two downs in a row instead of running out the clock was the correct call.

Or maybe they should focus on how their brilliant defensive coordinator called a game plan that allowed the Irish's highly (over?) rated defensive recruits to give up 38 points to a team led by a freshman quarterback coming off a 3-9 season.

Or how about the call to continue to march ahead with the 30-22 Weis at the helm? (We'll go out on a limb and say that if the Irish didn't have such a powder puff schedule this year, losing early on the road to an unranked team during the "Return to Glory" year would likely raise such discussion. But I'm willing to bet the vast majority that Notre Dame fans still believe their team will or should be in a BCS bowl this year.)

In the meantime, Notre Shame can cry all it wants. Michigan will be preparing for Eastern Michigan while the Irish head coach is still figuring out where to go after his cries fall on deaf ears.