Dear LT, ...YES That Was a Challenge.... Sincerely, AP

Barnavicious XCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

Dear Mr. Tomlinson,

I hope you had a chance to watch my game on Sunday, I'm sure you did since you had Sunday off. I just wanted to let you know that yes, it was a challenge and yes, I do think I'm the best back in the NFL. Just incase anyone down in San Diego still had delusions of your ability surpassing mine, well there are plenty of highlights on the web, I especialy like the one where I stiff armed about 4 guys, and then out ran them for a really showcased my power and speed...don't you think?

 I also think you owe the Brown's defense an apology, look what you made me do to them, it was really awful of me... but, you left me no choice, I sent them all gift certificates to Chili's to make them feel better. I think you should consider flowers our paper bags... something.

Anyway, best of luck tonight, hope that little tiny running back doesn't show you up again...what his name?...or worse Seymour punks you worse than Ashton, I guess the bribe you sent him to stay out of Oakand didn't work...O'well.




PS: You really think you're better....I mean really really think that?????