Raider Fans: Super Mario Is The Key To Victory Tonight

Barnavicious XCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - 2008:  Mario Henderson of the Oakland Raiders poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Getty Images)

With all the excitement surrounding the arrival of Richard Seymour it's easy to overlook the real key to victory tonight. Realistically Seymour is unlikely to make a huge impact tonight (Richard,please make me look like an ass), the real battle to watch in on 2's blindside.

Henderson will have his hands full tonight with Merriman and company trying to rattle Jamarcus early on. We know San Diego will throw a bunch of looks at our O line,we also know Henderson has looked solid as a starter and Merriman hasn't quite looked the same since his suspesion. This will not be the same Merriman that emabarassed Oakland on opening night way back in 2006 and Henderson will not look like the same turnstile we had on the left side for so many years now.

Cable needs to come out and hit San Diego's defense right in the mouth, a move he reportedly practiced this offseason. Let the O Line get a little nasty, let them know we're not here to be bullied. Go right after Merriman early and often, give O'neal a few cracks at him, tenderize him a bit... then hit them with the sizzle. Let McFadden, Johnnie Lee, Bush and DHD run circles around the powder blue softies.

Then when it's all over and the Raiders have broken the streak, walk across the field and give Norvell a nice little bitch slap, remind him why he's not allowed in Oakland aymore.