SEC Stock Market: Week 2

Will HarkinsContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

Its week 2 of the college football season, and the landscape is still taking shape.  The title may seem a little odd, but just like the stock market, the college football world is always up and down.  I'll take a brief look at the SEC schools, and let you know who should "invest in." Even though SEC fans have their school's and nothing else matters, it still fun, and it gives us all an idea as to who's hot and who's not.  Since this is my first article, I'll put down what the "market" looked like in preseason and what it looks like now. It'll be done on a scale of 0-100, 100 being high.



Florida-100:This is the team to invest in, they have the most explosive offense in the country, with a brutal SEC defense to add insult to injury.  Not only are they the team to beat in the SEC but in the country.  Look for Florida in to be playing in January against the #2.  This years gator team might very well be the best in SEC history! 14-0 and National Champs

Alabama-95: The tide is definitely back.  A defense that is mean by SEC standards is a statement, and bama has one MEAN defense.  We all know that bama got caught with there pants down in the bowl game, if Utah played them now, it would be ugly. I would have bama higher, but after losing some good people on offense, I'm hesitant about saying too much about what bama is capable of this year.  13-1 w/ a Sugar Bowl win

Ole Miss-90: Ole miss definitely has some offense, but I think there lacking on defense.  I'm not saying they can't compete, believe me, Ole Miss is not a team to overlook, and we could see them in Atlanta in December.

LSU-82: Should be one of the most potent defense in this league, but I believe there lack of offensive firepower will end any hope of seeing Atlanta. 

Auburn-75:  My precious tigers, I wish I can be writing about how they are going to be national champs, but that ain't going to happen.  When Chizik was announced as Auburns new head coach, I was a little hesitant.  He's a good coach, and a great D coordinator, but can he get us back on top.  Well since his hiring I think he's made some great decisions for his assistant coaches.  I think we'll win the games we should have won last year, and finish 8-4.  Worst case scenario 5-7

Georgia-75: Sorry Georgia fans, but you lost way too much.  I personally think that if your not careful you could finish 3rd...behind Vandy (bold prediction I know)

Arkansas-72: Your new head coach flopped in his first year, but that will start to change this year, I think Arkansas will have one of the better offenses this year, but not as good a defense.  I foresee Arkansas finishing 5th in the west.

Vandy-68: Vandy has always shown their worth to be called an SEC team, playing hard nose football.  This year wont be any different...except that the SEC east is pathetic this year.  Outside Florida and Georgia there's nothing.  All it'll take is a couple of upsets and vandy could very well finish 2nd in the East.

South Carolina-68: Sorry to gamecock nation, but it ain't going to happen, Spurrier just can't get you where you want to be.  This year wont be any different, you'll finish 4th in the east.

Mississippi State-65: It's going to be another sad year for bulldogs, new coach Dan Mullen should get some firepower on offense, and could have some big upsets in future years.  Its not that I think MSU is bad, I just think the SEC west this year is the strongest it's been in many years.  MSU would do well in the east.

Kentucky-40: I'm kind of in the dark with Kentucky, I haven't heard anything about the program, but I'm not going to count you out yet, I do think you'll beat Tennessee. but that's the extent of your conference wins.

Tennessee-30: My how the mighty has fallen.  Sorry Volunteer faithful but UT wins this years worst of the SEC award.  You had a good recruiting class, but your head coach has already written checks you can't cash.  UF is out to get you, UGA is already better than you, and lets face it Vandy is better than you.  UT might just be the 3rd best team in Tennessee (behind Vandy and Memphis).  And I believe Auburn will have little trouble taking care of you.  You WONT win any conference games.  I only hope you'll avenge the SEC reputation by not losing to UCLA again.


SEC Week 2

Florida-100: They are still the team to beat.

Alabama-100,+5: There slow starts with late "tidal waves" show me they are still improving, by the time they get to the thick of there schedule they should be near unstoppable.  They possess a running game that is unrivaled (right now).  If McElroy can prove he can be a great passer, bama my rival Florida for the best ever!

Ole Miss-90,+0: They struggled early against a team they shouldn't have, but that's not enough to drop them down.

Auburn-85,+10: WOW, talk about a show, first 37-13, then 49-24, both 500+ yds of offense, both +300 yds rushing, both had 2 100+ yd rushers.  The 2 100 rushers in back to back games is a first for Auburn, which is impressive considering that AU breeds great RB's and has had some impressive Duo's in the back field.  Auburn D looks a little off, but it's still early and MSU has a big time offensive coach as there head coach.  WVU should let us know more bout these tigers.  The biggest upside is that we don't face any heavy competition until 10/24 against LSU, so we could very well have a 7-0 start going into death valley.  It's still early though, so lets not get too excited.

LSU-77,-5: They struggled a lot, specially on D.  Its still early and they can still turn it around.  But if they don't stop this downward slope, they could finish as low as 5th.

Arkansas-75, +0:  They showed they have Offense, but we'll have to wait and see what they are really capable of.

So. Car.-70,+2: They got guts, they were knocked down time and time again against UGA but the always got back up.  It shouldn't have been a close game but USC made it that way.  Their stock went up in my book.

UGA-70,-5: A loss to Ok State, and a near miss to a team that they should have beat by at least 14.  Its not often that a winning team drops stock, but UGA did.

Vandy-68,+0: They lost to a team they should lose to, no harm no fowl.  But they showed they can hang tough.  Keep an eye on Vandy in the east.  If they improve on offense, Vandy could go from "hanging tough" to "major threat."

MSU-68,+3: MSU has found some offensive life, be on upset alert with MSU.

Kentucky-65,+25: Talk about a jump in the market, from 40 in preseason to 65 in just a week.  But that's what happens when you beat a team by 42. The east need to be on alert, Kentucky can score.

Tennessee-20,-15: If you own any stock in UT, SALE! SALE! SALE! Congrats on stomping W. Kentucky, by the way.  Now down to business...your down on the goal line with the game on the line, and you can't punch it in against UCLA (if it was SEC it wouldn't be so bad), you gonna have some struggles in the SEC this year.  I hope ya'll enjoyed your big win over W. Kentucky, it could be the only "W" you see all year.  Your defense was fine, but you need to fix that offense or you'll lose the rest of your games. Don't expect anything against UF, you might as well plan on Ohio (please don't shame the SEC again). I hate having to flame UT so bad, but with they way your coach talked all preseason long I was thinking UT might prove me wrong, but instead there proving me right...and I hope I am wrong about UT.