Change "D Fence" For "D Wall"

jose sierraContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

Nate Webster, Niko koutouvides,Tim Crowder, John Engelberger,Ebenezer Ekuban,Boss Bailey? I don’t think so; I think we should forget about these guys and move on.

I said  Ronnie Fields, Andra Davis, Brian Dawkins, and Elvis Dumervil.  

the new defense is improving and moving into a hole new direction, including a change on the 4-3 alignment into 3-4 alignment blitz philosophy.

I barely know the new defense, but I can tell you something folks, I think, I prefer them instead of the last year catastrophe.

You may say this guy is making a stupid evaluation, comparing the last year defense with this new one-week long defense, but I can bet the farm on the improvement of this defense. based on what I have seen during this preseason (three loss one win, Marshall drama, Orton's index finger, Simms' ankle and Branstater's 187 yards) and the season opener performance (including an 87 yard miracle) defensively, we can be sure about something, at least all the regular season games are going to be more exiting on the defensive side of the ball, cause they will make a lot blitz more than last year and even more sacks of the last three or four seasons.

for the first time since 2005 I'm kind of exited about the "D" but not at all about the offence.

talking about the offence I think Orton deserves an opportunity he had a pretty decent game (If you compare cutler disaster  1 TD, 4 INT, Orton is kind of great)