Ohio State: Time of Your Life

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Ohio State: Time of Your Life
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“I’ve never had more fun in my life. Ever.”

That is the opening line of a message from a friend and Buckeye football connoisseur of the highest order.

I couldn’t agree more.

Last night, the atmosphere in Ohio Stadium was the best ever seen at any sporting event.  I have been to Texas games, USC games, bowl games, and the majority of the games against Michigan (home and away) since 1990, and last night was the most fun I have ever had leading up to and during a game.

I don’t imagine anything, not even a soccer game anywhere, could top it.  The place was electric and USC felt it. For once, the crowd knew it had to play a major role in the outcome of the game and it did.

To be sure, the competitiveness of the game helped, but the crowd was not only intense and loud, it was a party. (How many times did the crowd spontaneously start the "Seven Nation Army" chant only to be followed by the PA system playing the song?!)

I am not sure why it is not like that for every big game, but I am glad a real crowd showed up last night.

And, I would be willing to bet that any USC fan that was there would agree that was one of the best sports experiences they have ever seen.

Maybe that is the lesson to be taken out of last night. Why should we all spend the time, money, and energy if it was not going to be fun?

I sure as hell would not spend precious free time writing this blog if I did not get an unnatural amount of pleasure watching Ohio State football and I don’t think any of you would bother to read if you did not feel the same way.

I will offer up some analysis in the day(s) to come because that is why I am here, but I think anyone lucky enough to have sat in the "Shoe" last night should recognize what they saw: a capacity crowd in a pure lather watching the greatest sports in the country, in the greatest venue in the country.

That should have been the time of your life.

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