The Silver and Black Is Back Vs The Chargers

george lopezCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

"I grew up a Raiders fan." This is what the newest raider had to say Saturday.  This should give the raider nation hope because we have a guy that'll go 100 percent. 

This Monday the Chargers would love to give us a annual monday night ass whoopin and here are the keys to winning on Monday Night.

* Jamarcus needs to have pocket pressence.

* Jamarcus needs to be accurate.

* Darren Mcfadden needs to break the game open early.

* Javon Walker needs to play good.

* Heyward-Bey needs a touchdown (he told me he would via twitter) second coment down(i'm edaurdoraider).

*Offensive line needs to protect Russell.

* Satelle needs to stay on bench

On Defence

* Raiders need to stop the run aka LT (Richard should give the line some confidence don't expect him to play whole game.

* Kirk Morrison needs to be a play maker.

* Chris Johnson need to step up on the other side.

* Nnamdi needs to stay healthy.

* Safety's need to play good.

* Lastly special teams needs to play just like they did in pre season

Raiders are a huge underdog but if they play to their potential raiders will win.

@ raidernation im gonna have a online chat soon when's the best time to have one