Favre Not Stellar, But Gets It Done

ExJx BrooksContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

CLEVELAND - SEPTEMBER 13:  Brett Farve #4 of the Minnesota Vikings throws a pass against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 13, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

So now that all the preseason hoopla is over, the season has started, and the first week is in the books (for the most part), We can take an early look at Brett Favre.

The Vikings looked like the team that maybe most people may or may not have expected.

They did do one thing that many people expected them to do this week, and that was win.

Four things did surprise me as this game unfolded.

I have been a Brett Favre fan for quite some time now, and because of him I became a die hard Packer fan. That said, I saw some things today that I, a Favre fan, wasn't expecting but was happy to see.

First things first, let it be known throughout football-dom that this Vikings team is still Adrian Peterson's team. Even with Favre's supposed ego, it seems to me he has accepted this fact.

It appears he has realized that it is not all about Favre the hero, bringing the title back to title town. Favre is simply the missing piece, the cherry on top, the helpful hand.

The second thing I noticed was that he doesn't seem to WANT to take as many risks as he has in the past few years. There were no INTs today. I think we're seeing a smarter and a more humble Brett Favre. It may be too early to tell if this is a continuing trend.

We'll know better what he can and will do when the Vikes are involved in a closer contest.

There will be times when the Vikes will need him to win games and be that wily old gunslinger, but for the most part, with Adrian Peterson taking a huge amount of pressure off of Favre, I see Favre making smarter decisions and better reads.

The third thing I noticed was Favre took quite a few hits today, as he was sacked four times and knocked down several others. If nothing else, he's proven he can still take a beating.

The last thing I noticed is the pep in his step is back. Last year, he didn't seem to be having as much fun, but I think it's safe to say, He's BAAAAAAAAAAAACK. Just ask Percy Harvin.



All in all, this was a good outing for Favre. Even though he had less than stellar numbers—between Cleveland's mistake ridden play, Adrian Peterson's 180-yard three TD showing, and Minnesota's D—it was all they needed out of him.

I will say there are still lingering feelings that Favre may stray off track, at least twice—Oct. 5th and Nov. 1st (games vs. Packers)—but I hope he can keep it together and do what he does best...which is win!

Despite a good showing by Favre today, he still has much to prove to the player-haters.

He still has to win, keep himself under control, and still be in it week 17.

As far as the Favre vs. Green Bay controversy goes, I finally figured out where I stand. I want success for both parties.

My ideal situation: Green Bay wins both outings, but Favre has stellar games. Green Bay and Minnesota meet in the playoffs (obviously second-round) and Green Bay wins in a shootout and goes on to win the Superbowl.

This will give my team a Super Bowl and prove that he wasn't a complete idiot and Childeress knew what he was doing.

Both parties win.

In the tradition of the "Jim Rome Show."

War the Buckeyes recovering from a close one against USC.

War the Pack going all the way this year (and not because they are my team).