Serena's Passion is Good

Tim DevaneyContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

NBA loudmouth Rasheed Wallace would not have even received a technical foul for the Serena Williams controversy that's being labeled as an outburst.

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Yahoo! Sports reports the Grand Slam Committee is considering banning Williams from future Grand Slams for this weekend's apparent tirade that would have gone unnoticed in other sports.

She was also slapped with a $10,000 fine and might have to forfeit $350,000 in prize money if she wins the U.S. Open tournament.

Williams overreacted to a terrible call, Yahoo's Chris Chase wrote, saying, "The foot fault call was wrong but Serena was wronger."

But while many tennis junkies are shocked she has the nerve to show a little emotion, athletes and fans from other sports should be rolling their eyes thinking, 'Give me a break!'

Sports are about passion. Effort, not elegance. And professional sportsmanship should never impede victory.

It's like telling a 12-year-old to win, but not be excited about it. And feeding them the cheesy line, "It's not about winning or losing, but how well you play the game." That might be fine in YMCA baseball leagues, but you can't tell a professional athlete it's OK to lose when they get paid to win.

It all comes back to passion. And in the middle of the match when one close call could determine who wins and who loses, Williams was plunging toward victory with every swing -- and argument -- she had.
There's nothing wrong with that.