SPOILERS Become Reality: John Cena Defeats Randy Orton for the WWE Title

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIISeptember 13, 2009

As I had known well in advance, John Cena was going to defeat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Breaking Point.

The SPOILERS that I had made public almost a week in advance came true, which came as little surprise.

The WWE had already revealed what the result of their semi-main event match was going to be by leaving a trail that would ultimately result in John Cena's satisfaction.

There were two undeniable factors that contributed to this premature revelation, and it was those factors that prevented me from ordering tonight's pay-per-view.

Which is perhaps the lone saving grace of the night.


*It is against WWE policy to allow a heel to defeat John Cena by pure might (meaning that they did not use numbers to their advantage, nor did they find a sneaky way to come away with the victory).

*By following a long-lasting WWE tradition, they allowed the loser of the upcoming pay-per-view (Randy Orton) to gain an advantage during the final television program prior to the event.


In this case, the WWE stayed true to their tradition and delivered the predictable finish.

The fact that this match was to be contested under "I Quit" stipulations immediately erased any chance of Randy Orton coming out on top.

Again, it would violate the WWE's policy that prevents heels from defeating John Cena simply by being the superior competitor.

Without the aid of interference or a clever sneak-attack, Randy Orton competed hopelessly, as his fate had already been determined long before the opening bell had rung.

Randy Orton also sealed his fate by dominating John Cena on Raw last Monday night.

Again, the fact that he gained the advantage prior to the event marked the beginning of the end of his WWE title reign.

The WWE would certainly never allow John Cena to come up short two times in one week.

As of now, Randy Orton chances have never been bleaker as we should not expect a sixth coming of the Age of Orton any time soon. I could get into greater detail regarding that likelihood, but I am going to save that for another time.