Purdue Loses To Oregon 38-36, My Thoughts On The Game.

Greg LuersContributor ISeptember 13, 2009

Despite Purdue falling to Oregon in dramatic fashion late Saturday night, I was very surprised to see how well Purdue was keeping up with Oregon even though they were a double digit underdog, and after all the times the announcers saying how fast oregon was over and over again. I thought Purdue's offense was very good most of the game, even though Elliott threw those 2 interceptions and fumbled that snap equalling 17 free points for the Ducks, but other than that the offense was very crisp with short passes and mostly inside runs by Ralph Bolden and Jaycen Taylor. You've also got to give a lot of credit to coach Gary Nord and Danny Hope as they gave Oregon lots of different looks and formations, for example, one play I remember was when Purdue was near the 10, they lined up in the I-formation and all of a sudden Elliott calls an audible and they spread out 5 wide. It was also good to see the receivers running after the catch like Keith Smith's 19 yard gain after carrying 2 Oregon corners with him for about 5 yards after the 14 yard catch and a key first down. The person who i think carried the team the most has to be Ralph Bolden, he may only be 5'9" and a sophomore but he is tough running those inside draws for most of the game and most of them went nowhere. Ralph also took alot of big hits especially the one he received in the endzone after scoring that 1 yard run on 4th and goal. I'd like to talk about the offense some more but the defense also played an important role in this football game. Purdue's defense frustrated Jermiah Masoli early in this football game because the running back were not doing anthing for him so he had to run most of the time they went nowhere until the Oregon offense came to light in the 4th quarter. Like Oregon's defense forcing turnovers Purdue's defense also force many of their own turnovers, one of the key ones has to be when LaMicheal James got the handoff and linebacker Jason Werner laid the wood on him, putting his helmet on the football and pancaking James down on his back. Even though Purdue lost by 2 to Oregon, Purdue played with tremendous heart and not laying down after Elliott had those 2 bad turnovers, I applaud them for that. Now lets get ready for Northern Illinois back in Ross Ade next week.