Chicago Bears: Let's Talk About Rex Baby

Trent AldermanCorrespondent IMay 25, 2008

At this point it seems as if the Bears should bring back Coach Ditka, because there appears to be no bright spots whatsoever in the Bears' offense next year. The only bright spot on the whole team is Devin Hester, and one player on a 22-player team is not enough. 

And to add to their troubles, they're apparently morons as well. They didn't draft a quarterback, and it looks as if they're going to place their team in the hands of Rex Grossman.

Poor Rex, he led the team to a Super Bowl, but even then you could tell that he just is not good enough. He's a good backup at best, but Chicago should have drafted a QB for the future, or at least be planning on one to draft next year. 

Rex is just not going to cut it, and neither is Kyle Orton. Orton's best game was against New Orleans when he threw for 190 yards and two TDs in a game that didn't matter.

I like Rex as a person, but the Bears will lose 10 games or more next year with either Grossman or Orton as a starting QB, especially since they'll have to play the Vikings and Packers twice. Their last hope was improving Cedric Benson and running the ball. Well, it appears that he'll spend more time in jail than on the field as he morphs into the next Pacman Jones.