Can TNA Capitalize On WWE's Mistakes?

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer ISeptember 13, 2009

Mark this day on your calendars everyone. September 20th, the signles debut of Bobby Lashley in TNA. The match will be The War Machine, Rhino Vs of course, Bobby Lashley. These are two great power houses and it could be a heck of a match.

As we all know Bobby Lashley is also a former WWE superstar. He started off his career in the WWE on SmackDown. He would later move to ECW. Then would appear on the centerpiece of the WWE(at the time), Monday Night Raw.

Bobby Lashley got some title shots. His first ever title held was the US Championship. JBL made a remark that Lashley is good, but until he beat someone of his level he would never be great. Well when Lashley got that US Title shot against John Bradshaw Layfield he took it to him and won his first ever WWE belt.

Lashley would continue wrestling on SmackDown. He would eventually get a World Heavyweight Championship Title shot against King Booker. It was originally suppose to be a one on one, but was later changed to a Fatal Four Way between King Booker, Finlay, Batista and Lashley obviously. In that match Booker managed to keep his title after Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Finlay and Lashley took out Batista with a spear. King Booker just covered Finlay keeping Bobby Lashley without that major belt.

Lashley would move to Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW) on November 14th, 2006. There he would get an ECW World Championship title shot in a Elimination Chamber with the Big Show being the champ at the time. He would capitalize and win the ECW World Championship by spearing the last remaining man in the Elimination Chamber, the Big Show. That would be his first major title. Although ECW Championship wasn't and still isn't considered a big title. Which would mean Lashley would still be without a major title. He would capture the ECW title one more time before leaving the brand.

On June 11th, 2007 Bobby Lashley would be drafted to Monday Night Raw. With him being the current ECW Champion at the time he was stripped of the belt. He would get a WWE title shot at Vengeance though along with 4 other man including the current WWE Champion, John Cena. John Cena would retain though leaving Lashley without a major title yet again.

After winning the Beat The Clock challenge on Monday Night Raw Bobby Lashley would become the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. He would go on to face John Cena at the Great American Bash for the title, but it wouldn't happen as John Cena retained the WWE Championship. Once again Lashley is left without a major title.

July 30th, 2007 was Bobby Lashley's last match in the WWE. He would suffer a terrible shoulder injury at the hands of Mr. Kennedy. In January 2008 Lashley announced that he has left the WWE. On Febuary 4th, 2008 WWE confirmed this when they released Bobby Lashley from WWE.

Bobby Lashley would also announce that he has begun training for Mixed Martial Arts(MMA). His current MMA record is 4-0. During his MMA career he beat Joshua Franklin, Jason Guida, Mike Cook, and Bob Sapp. Ron Waterman will be Bobby Lashley's next MMA opponent on October 3 in Denver, Colorado.

During TNA's Pay Per View, Lockdown Bobby Lashley appeared. He would set his eyes on the Main Event Mafia(MEM) and point while smiling. The following TNA Impact episode Lashley would once again appear, pointing and smiling at the Main Event Mafia. On July 15th it was announced that TNA had signed Bobby Lashley. On July 23rd Kurt Angle would introduce Bobby Lashley as the newest member of the Main Event Mafia. It was all going well, until Lashley turned on them attacking the Main Event Mafia.

Bobby Lashley would tag up with Mick Foley(the very same man he saved from the Mafia) to face World Champion, Kurt Angle and Legends Champion, Kevin Nash. If Lashley or Foley would pin Angle or Nash they would become the champion that they pinned. At first the Mafia attacked Lashley and took him out for a while, but he would eventually get back to it and help Foley win the Legends title from Nash.

TNA president, Dixie Carter announced that Bobby Lashley would still be able to compete in MMA, but would be competing in TNA too. She also announced that he would make his singles debut against Rhino at No Surrender. It would definately excite the crowd.

Bobby Lashley is a great wrestler and if TNA does it right they can make this guy one of their biggest names. Bobby Lashley is an amazing wrestler. WWE didn't play their cards right not giving Lashley a major title. Despite the fact that he said he didn't want to leave I don't think he really minded leaving WWE. I mean they didn't give him much success, now did they?

Point is if TNA plays their cards right they could have a future main eventer in this man. Just don't deny him the big belts or you might not have the man for that long. I'm not saying Lashley is one of those guys with an ego like Triple H and demands World Titles, but for a guy with his talent he should get those major title runs.

Bobby Lashley's debut will certainly be something exciting for wrestling fans around the world!