Top 500 WWE Wrestlers of All Time

Patrick GreenCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Chris Jericho appears in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

I have been thinking for a long time, what should my 50th article be about? I thought about it but I could not think of anything.

I said to myself how about another list? And I want you to enjoy, this is going to take a while to read, and write.

1. Shawn Michaels

2. Hulk Hogan

3. Undertaker

4. The Rock

5. Bret Hart

6. Stone Cold

7. Lou Thesz

8. Bruno Sammartino

9. Ric Flair

10. Kurt Angle

There were many picks who deserved to be in the top 10 but only a few were, these are the ten greatest of all time. All of these wrestlers worked their asses off for WWE, and are very talented in multiple ways.

11. Chris Jericho

12. Andre the Giant

13. Triple H

14. Chris Benoit

15. Roddy Piper

16. Ultimate Warrior

17. Eddie Gurrero

18. Pedro Morales

19. John Cena

20. Mick Foley

I am at the top 20 now, I am glad I did not forget Mick Foley, because I usually do and mess my whole list up. I know some will question John Cena's spot, but he is talented, and he is the best next to Chris Jericho.

21. Brock Lesnar

22. Randy Savage

23. Ricky Steamboat

24. Goldberg

25. Bob Backlund

26. Sgt. Slaughter

27. Superstar Billy Graham

28. Buddy Rogers

29. Jake Roberts

30. Owen Hart

I did not mention this earlier but this is what I am basing my list off of Fan Interaction, Mic Skills, Ring Talent, Titles, and Strength.

31. Batista

32. Randy Orton

33. Ted DiBiase Sr.

34. Edge

35. Rob Van Dam

36. Jeff Hardy

37. Kevin Nash

38. Big Show

39. Antonino Rocca

40. Vader

I have alot of great heels on this list such as Randy Orton, Edge, and The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase Sr.

41. Mil Mascaras

42. Mr. Perfect

43. Jerry Lawler

44. Freddie Blassie

45. Davey Boy Smith

46. Rey Mysterio

47. Terry Funk

48. Ernie Ladd

49. CM Punk

50. Iron Sheik

Only three of these wrestlers have been a world champion in the WWE, and those two are Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and Iron Sheik.

51. Dusty Rhodes

52. Jimmy Snuka

53. Kane

54. Antonio Inoki

55. Arn Anderson

56. Yokozuna

57. Razor Ramon

58. George Steele

59. The Sheik

60. Stan Stasiak

Some of the great old-time wrestlers made it to the 50-60 portion; two examples are Dusty Rhodes and Antonio Inoki.

61. Bobby Lashley

62. Nikolai Volkoff

63. Ivan Koloff

64. Ivan Putski

65. Sid Justice

66. Mitsu Arawaka

67. Booker T

68. The Great Khali

69. Chief Jay Strongbow

70. Rick Rude

These wrestlers, all are great from different time periods, such as Bobby Lashley 2000's and Rick Rude 80's.

71. Ray Stevens

72. Cowboy Bob Orton

73. Paul Orndorff

74. Don Muraco

75. Dynamite Kid

76. Gorilla Monsoon

77. Kamala

78. Eddie Graham

79. Peter Maivia

80. Tazz

Note: High Chief Peter Maivia wasn't as good as he was in other promotions he held a ton of World Titles in other promotions.

81. Pat Patterson

82. Gerald Brisco

83. Jack Brisco

84. Animal

85. Hawk

86. Tito Santana

87. Rocky Johnson

88. Tony Atlas

89. JBL

90. Tully Blanchard

Four of the Greatest Tag wrestlers made it here: Hawk, Animal, Gerald Brisco, and Jack Brisco.

91. Tatsumi Fujinami

92. Wahoo McDaniel

93. Dominic DeNucci

94. Don Leo Johnathan

95. Bruiser Brody

96. Honky Tonk Man

97. Lex Luger

98. Larry Zybysko

99. Kerry Von Erich

100. Killer Kowalski

Congratulations to the top 100. We are now one-fifth of the way there. I hope you have enjoyed the list so far. Note: King Kong Bundy and Ron Simmons are both great, but I forgot to put them in the top 100 so I am sorry they will be ranked number 101 and 102.

101. Ron Simmons

102. King Kong Bundy

103. Ken Patera

104. Big John Studd

105. Koko B. Ware

106. Jeff Jarrett

107. Haystacks Calhoun

108. Harley Race

109. Greg Valentine

110. Dory Funk Jr.

I am sorry I meant for Greg Valentine, Harley Race, and Haystacks Calhoun to be higher, but I forgot them.. hey it is a lot making a top 500 list.

111. Bruiser Brody

112. Jim Neidhart

113. The Godfather

114. Brian Pillman

115. Matt Hardy

116. Big Daddy V

117. Christian

118. Al Snow

119. Earthquake

120. Big Bossman

One more thing, I forgot to put that I am also basing it off if they made WWE what it is today, and that is why Al Snow is there.

121. John Morrison

122. Umaga

123. Sabu

124. Ahmed Johnson

125. Test

126. IRS

127. Goldust

128. Diamond Dallas Page

129. Scott Steiner

130. Demolition Smash

John Morrison is very talented in the ring, and has held a couple of titles and that is why he desrves this spot.

131. Bobo Brazil

132. Baron Mikel Scicluna

133. Johnny Rodz

134. Demolition Ax

135. Tony Parisi

136. Jesse Ventura

137. Johnny DeFazio

138. Johnny Valentine

139. R-Truth

140. Hillbilly Jim

R-Truth made this portion of 130-140 because his impressive run as Ron Killings, and because of his old gimmick he was known as K-Kwik.

141. Gangrel

142. Giant Gonzales

143. Ken Shamrock

144. Brutus Beefcake

145. Rick Martel

146. Finlay

147. Prof. Toru Tanaka

148. Mr. Fuji

149. Albert

150. Karl Gotch

Giant Gonzales had to be in there at some point, I mean one of things I based it off of was strength.

151. Rikishi

152. Rene Goulet

153. Angelo Mosca

154. Dean Malenko

155. Perry Saturn

156. Savio Vega

157. Lou Albano

158. Shohei "Giant" Baba

159. Marty Jannety

160. Billy Gunn

Sorry I put Rikishi so low, my computer is messed up and I cannot go back and fix errors.

161. Junkyard Dog

162. Bad News Brown

163. One Man Gang

164. Blackjack Mulligan

165. Dino Bravo

166. The Mountie

167. Marc Mero

168. Blackjack Lanza

169. X-Pac

170. Fabulous Moolah

Fabulous Moolah will be one of two divas on my list; sorry I am only putting the two greatest women wrestlers on my very large list.

171. "Road Dogg" Jesse James

172. Stan Hansen

173. Maven

174. Raven

175. Argentina Apollo

176. Justin Credible

177. Mike Awesome

178. Jimmy Jack Funk

179. Crash Holly

180. Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn, did not exactly have a storied career with WWE, but he has with ROH, so that is why he is in this spot.

181. Iron Mike Sharpe

182. MVP

183. Dolph Ziggler

184. Hercules

185. Arnold Skaaland

186. Bushwacker Butch

187. Bushwacker Luke

188. Billy Kidman

189. Butch Reed

190. Lance Storm

Arnold Skaaland was a great wrestler, but was not around that long.

191. Bam Bam Bigelow

192. D-Von Dudley

193. Bubba Ray Dudley

194. Paul Roma

195. Paul London

196. Chyna

197. Crush

198. Chris Tolos

199. Chavo Guerrero Sr.

200. The Warlord

Earlier I claimed that there is going to only be three divas but I thought of a couple more divas, so just for the heads up there will be more divas. Two, Bam Bam Bigelow should have been in there a long time bad.

201. Verne Gagne

202. Waldo Von Erich

203. Haku

204. Afa

205. Sika

206. Jimmy Valiant

207. Johnny Valiant

208. Trish Stratus

209. Wendi Richter

210. Val Venis

10 Greats in the WWE, one of them the relative of Kerry Von Erich, Waldo.

211. Taka Michinoku

212. Tatanka

213. William Regal

214. Shane Douglas

215. Elijah Burke

216. Shane McMahon

217. John Tolos

218. Rhyno

219. The Sandman

220. Tommy Dreamer

Shane McMahon did not interact with fans well. He was a good wrestler, but he barely wrestled.

221. Vladimir Kozlov

222. Cody Rhodes

223. Shelton Benjamin

224. Ted DiBiase Jr.

225. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

226. Bart Gunn

227. D-Lo Brown

228. Jacques Rougeau

229. Raymond Rougeau

230. Brian Knobbs

A lot of current wrestlers made in the 220-230 portion. They made because they have not fully had their whole career, so I cannot judge their ranks entirely.

231. Jerry Saggs

232. Rick Steiner

233. Rene Dupree

234. Tony Garea

235. Evan Bourne

236. The Miz

237. Michael P.S. Hayes

238. Gillberg

239. Adrian Adonis

240. Dick Murdoch

Evan Bourne is very talented in the ring; he may have not received his push yet, but he will, considering his success as Matt Sydal.

241. The Hurricane

242. Mickie James

243. Joey Abs

244. Chris Masters

245. Les Thornton

246. Scotty 2 Hotty

247. Tajiri

248. Carlito

249. Skull Murphy

250. Spike Dudley

Scotty 2 Hotty, no doubt should have been higher in the ranks. But remember I have 1000 wrestlers I have to rank, and some times I will make mistakes.

251. Steve Blackman

252. Kofi Kingston

253. Steve Williams

254. Al Perez

255. The Executioner

256. Chuck Palumbo

257. Marcus Cor Von

258. Missing Link

259. Rob Conway

260. Stevie Richards

The Missing Link, I do not really know a lot about so if he is supposed to be higher then he is my mistake.

261. Victoria

262. Kenny Dykstra

263. Balls Mahoney

264. Spiros Arion

265. Shannon Moore

266. Dick The Bruiser

267. Tyson Kidd

268. DH Smith

269. Chief White Owl

270. Battman

DH Smith and Tyson Kidd have great skills in the ring and on the mic, they have yet to hold tag team gold or separate from each other, so I cannot tell who is the weak link of the team yet.

271. The Berzerker

272. The Beast

273. The Warlord

274. Barbarian

275. David Sammartino

276. Angelo Savoldi

277. Adam Bomb

278. Brian Blair

279. Jim Brunzell

280. JTG

The Warlord and Barbarian never stuck out to me as a team so I really don't think they have that much talent so this is where they are.

281. Shad

282. Jacob Blu

283. Eli Blu

284. Boris Zhukov

285. Melina

286. Barry Windham

287. Barry Horowitz

288. Baron Von Rachhke

289. The Cobra

290. Mark Jindrak

Melina is one of the top female competitors in the WWE today, she has everything I would look for in a diva and she is hot.

291. Matt Borne

292. Alundra Blayze

293. Beth Phoenix

294. Ludvig Borga

295. Louis Cerdan

296. Lance Cade

297. Brian Kendrick

298. Sylvain Grenier

299. King Curtis Iaukea

300. Kevin Sullivan

We are almost a quarter of the way there man this is  taking forever, but I am enjoying it.

301. Trevor Murdoch

302. Primo Colon

303. Karl Von Hess

304. Hardcore Holly

305. Super Crazy

306. Mr. Saito

307. The Boogeyman

308. Meat

309. Nailz

310. Scott Putski

Meat is also known as Shawn Stasiak.

311. SD "Special Delivery" Jones

312. Snitsky

313. Tyson Tomko

314. Jose Estrada

315. Ezekiel Jackson

316. Psicosis

317. Essa Rios

318. Edouard Carpentier

319. Dick Slater

320. Brakkus

Ezekiel Jackson's career has not taken off yet to big success. You can only judge him with his matches on ECW, but he defeats all these unknown people so I can't really judge how good of a wrestler he really is.

321. Brady Boone

322. Boris Malenko

323. Michelle McCool

324. Bolo Mongol

325. Sheamus

326. Waylon Mercy

327. Tony Altomare

328. The Tonga Kid

329. Mantaur

330. Corporal Kirchner

Most of these wrestlers are from the 90's.

331. Pete Gas

332. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

333. Charlie Haas

334. Billy Jack Haynes

335. Black Bart

336. Billy White Wolf

337. Bill DeMott (Hugh Morrus)

338. Angelo Mosca Jr.

339. Bill Miller

340. Big Man Steel

I do not know a whole lot about Big Man Steel, and Billy White Wolf so sorry if they are better then I have ranked them.

341. Larry Hennig

342. Leilani Kai

343. Lanny Poffo

344. Rick McGraw

345. Ronnie Garvin

346. Smasher Sloan

347. Skinner

348. Sherri Martel

349. Samu

350. Samula

Rick McGraw and Ronnie Garvin should be higher ranked, my is so hard  with 1000 wrestlers.

351. Mae Young

352. Ricky Ortiz


354. Bull Buchanan

355. Alex Porteau

356. Rad Radford

357. Pete Sanchez

358. Kid Kash

359. Jamie Noble

360. Moondog Mayne

Since I am tired of listing people I forgot and should be higher, from now on I am going to put there whole name in capital letters so you know if that person should be higher then ranked.

361. Joey Mercury

362. Skip

363. Zip

364. Jimmy Wang Yang

365. Man Mountain Rock

366. Rockin Robin


368. Lance Cassidy

369. Mr. Wrestling II

370. Muhammad Hassan

I wasn't being too specfic when I listed Skip and Zip. Skip and Zip were on the famous team of The Bodydonnas

371. The Mongolian Stomper

372. Mike Knox

373. Virgil


375. Dave Taylor

376. Jim Young

377. Jim Powers

378. Festus

379. Jazz

380. Jean-Pierre LaFitte

We are almost to the 400 point I haven't broken a sweat.

381. Matt Morgan


383. Kevin Thorn

384. Pez Whatley

385. Jacques (The Qubecers)

386. Pierre (The Quebecers)

387. Red Batien

388. Art Thomas

389. Scotty Goldman (Colt Cabana)

390. The Spoiler

Scotty Goldman never received his push from WWE, he continually got beaten down by other opponents. Goldman did, however, have talent I saw it not just in WWE but in ROH as well.

391. Vito

392. Virgil The Kentucky Butcher

393. Funaki

394. Freddy Joe Floyd

395. Nunzio

396. Fatu

397. Flash Flunk

398. Eddie Gilbert

399. Dean Ho

400. Big Bully Busick

100 more I am four fifths of the way there. Holy Crap this taking forever.

401. Bam Neely

402. Gunner Scott

403. Rory McAllister

404. Robbie McAllister

405. Guillotine Gordon

406. The Great Kabuki

407. Goon

408. Gen. Adnan


410. George South

This is my last paragraph I am going to write, now I am just going to continue through the list.

411. The Brooklyn Brawler

412. Ivory


414. Zack Ryder

415. Jesse

416. Tiger Jeet Sinnh

417. P.J. Walker

418. Ron Bass


420. Molly Holly

421. Mideon

422. Miguel Perez

423. The Italian Stallion

424. Hakushi

425. The Hangman

426. Hans Mortier

427. Hans Schmidt

428. Santino Marella


430. The Patriot

431. Pampero Firpo

432. Abe Schwartz

433. Alexis Smirnoff

434. Avatar

435. Ashley

436. Bertha Faye

437. Battle Kat

438. Mascarita Sagrada

439. Masked Superstar

440. Michael Bollea

441. Matt Striker

442. Maryse

443. Natalya

444. Mr. Hughes

445. Torrie Wilson

446. Daivari

447. The Stalker

448. The Sultan

449. Tiger Mask

450. Tom Magee

451. Zach Gowen

452. Zeus

453. Tony Mamaluke

454. Tor Kamata

455. Brian Christopher

456. Uncle Elmer


458. The Wolfman

459. Doug Gilbert

460. David Schultz

461. Droz

462. Duke Droese

463. Don Kernodle

464. Doink The Clown

465. Domino

466. Deuce

467. Curt Hawkins

468. Crusher Verdu

469. Crybaby Cannon

470. Ryan Braddock


472. Gavin Spears

473. Gail Kim

474. Eugene

475. Repo Man

476. George Wells

477. Lita

478. Earl Maynard

479. Christopher Nowinski

480. Carlos Cabana

481. Buddy Landell

482. Candice

483. Beaver Cleavage

484. Armando Estrada

485. Aldo Montoya

486. Ted Arcidi

487. Simon Dean

488. DJ Gabriel

489. Salvatore Bellamo

490. Roadkill


492. Johnny Jeter (Spirit Squad)

493. Yoshi Tatsu

494. Tyler Rexs

495. Jos LeDuc

496. Hornswoggle

497. Antonio (Heart Throbs)

498. Romeo (Heart Throbs)

499. Damien Demento

500. Colin Delaney

These are top 500, I hope you enjoyed. This is my biggest list ever, and I am proud to say accomplishment. Comment please and thank you.


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