New York Yankees Make Slow Start, but Fans Need Not Panic (Again)

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2008

Yes, while I understand that five games in a row is not a significant amount.

However, after hitting "rock bottom" on Tuesday night after an overall horrible performance by the Yankees (even in Alex Rodriguez's first game back), this winning streak seems to make it all smooth for the "Evil Empire."  

If you look in my archive, you will see an article called "YANKEE FANS NEED NOT PANIC."  Alex Rodriguez is back hitting cleanup and playing third base. That is the key to this lineup; it is why he has been MVP twice in the last three years.

I wrote this article after realizing the numbers on the baseball card don't lie.  Robinson Cano has all of the sudden learned how to hit? No, Robbie "Don't ya know" Cano (John Sterling of WCBS 880's title for him) was off to a bad start. For his career, he is hitting above .300, and he will probably continue to hit at a pace like that for the rest of the 2008 season. 

Jason Giambi was on the interstate until recently, but fair-weather Yankee fans need to stop the bickering on ESPN 1050 and WFAN 660. Instead of hitting the panic button and waving the white flag, they should realize that he started off slow and he traditionally is not a good hitter in the cold weather.

Giambi is not a .180 hitter but rather expect somewhere around .260 at this point in his career with some nice power numbers and a high on-base percentage. 

Chien-Ming Wang really has not pitched well as of late, and this is the first time in his career that in four starts he has failed to record a win. But Wang leads the majors over the last two years in wins for a reason, and he will pitch better.  Even though his past two outings he has pitched poorly, he has gone 7 2/3 and 6 1/3 innings, respectively. 

If you look at my archive again, you will find an article titled "MUSSINA KEY TO YANKEES SUCCESS."  Guess what?  He is second in the American League with seven wins. He is usually able to give short outings, but quality ones nonetheless. 

While I understand 25-25 is not a great record, they are only five games out of the Tampa Bay Rays for first place. In the MLB, it really is all about what have you done for me lately, and lately they have won five straight. 

The Yankees will go into Yankee Stadium South (Camden Yards) and face a fading Orioles team who they just took 2-of-3 from including an 8-0 laugher and also a tough 2-1 game in which Robinson Cano got the walk-off single.

Overall the point is that these are the Yankees, Jeter is still at shortstop, Posada will be back to handle the catching duties and Mariano Rivera is off to his best start ever. This team started slowly in 2005 and 2007, and once again they have still been able to make the playoffs.  You really can't complain about this as a fellow Yankees fan, even when in a mode to keep young players and develop them, they still haven't missed the playoffs. I will say it again, YANKEES FANS NEED NOT PANIC.