Wake Up Nick!

Max Gross@@maxgross55Correspondent ISeptember 13, 2009

When Steve Sarkisian was hired by the huskies he brought along defensive coordinator Nick Holt with him from USC. After a 31-23 loss to LSU the huskies seem satisfied with their performance last Saturday. After an 0-12 season where they only came within 8 points 3 times and allowed more than 31 points 9 times. The huskies were certain that they would win over Idaho. Most people expected a blowout and if you saw the 42-23 final score without watching the game you would be happy with the teams performance, but if you were watching the game you would think otherwise.

To summarize the statements of Nick Holt after the game he said they were using a twenty man rotation on defense to give freshman more experience. As a result of this the  huskies allowed 412 total yards, 349 of those through the air by way of vandals quarterbacks Nathan Enderle and Brian Reader. The Vandals completed 65% of there passes and often seemed like no huskies defenders were even close. Is this lack of experience for the players or an inexperienced coordinator making a bad decision.

Nick Holt career as defensive coordinator began at Idaho where he had an average defensive unit on a division II football team. At USC he was dominant because the players did all of the work and could have won ten games without any coaching, Holt has not proved himself as a defensive coordinator that knows what he is doing.

Holt put out a defensive unit that was not only inexperienced but they did not even show that they knew how to play defense. With a secondary full of top recruits the huskies should have performed better and most of the blame goes to the coaches and defensive coordinator Nick Holt.

Holt needs to wake up and see that a 20 man rotation is not going to work when you are at the bottom of the PAC-10 and trying to climb back up, you have to better than what was displayed against Idaho.