OJ Mayo in Minnesota?: Timberwolves' 2008 NBA Draft

Jordan McKittrickContributor IMay 25, 2008

The NBA Draft is just around the corner.  Everybody from fans, to the owner of the team knows that with a draft your team can become a great team. 

We all know that in this upcoming draft the two top picks will probably be Derrick Rose, and Michael Beasley, but who is to follow?

The Timberwolves are a franchise that are still trying to fill the void left by a number of things in the past.  From J.R. Rider, to Stephon leaving, to the whole thing with Joe Smith.  To not staying with Brandon Roy who will be, or already is a stud.  To trading, arguably one of the best point guard-centers ever, in Kevin Garnett. 

They will have to win big in this draft.

If McHale has any common sense he will take O.J. Mayo. The pick would boost the whole economy of the T'Wolves.  O.J. Mayo was created before he even got into High School.  He has been talked about for the past five years if not more.

If they pick him, there will be more sellout games before the season even starts then there were all of last year. 

If the Wolves can maybe get rid of some high priced players on the order of Jaric ($6 mill), Walker ($8 mill), Doleac ($3 mill), and Buckner ($4 mill) they could possibly unload this pick. 

New Jersey is a team that is wanting to move up.  Possibly a trade like the No. 3 pick, No. 31 pick, along with Jaric, McCants, and Walker, for the No. 10 pick, No. 21 pick, and Carter would work. 

They need someone that can create something to be a running mate with Jefferson.  He is a superstar in the making who just needs someone to help him out. 

The Wolves need to do something this year or there will be a big shake up of GM, Coach, and everything in between.