Joe GueeContributor ISeptember 12, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 3:  Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills looks on during the preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 3, 2009 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

     All I've been hearing these last couple of weeks is offense this and, offensive line that.  Football is won in three phases. Lets start from the top.

     I honestly believe this is a solid top ten "D". It's loaded with talent, they were swarming all over the football. I believe they did have 8 interceptions in 5 games. This year we will put more pressure on the QB with Aaron Schobel healthy and rookie sensation Aaron Maybin bursting off the line will  create more turnovers. Look for Leotis Mcelvin to have a breakout season. (pro bowl caliber)

     Do i really have to mention anything about our special teams???

     Now comes the two single reason we missed the playoffs LOSMAN and JAURON. We definitely fixed one of those problems. J.P single handily lost 3 games for them easy. I feel confident that Ryan Fitzpatrick won't stare down his receivers where the whole world knows where hes going. Now Jauron is a whole other issue. As long as he gets out of the way, let the talent shine and the players coach (kind of like the giants coach did the 07 season, winning Superbowl) we could survive.

      I think this offense has taken  an extraordinary amount of criticism. Granted they scored 3 points in 15 drives without T.O. Do u really understand what that means? you can't spread out the offense, Lee Evans will be double teamed or trapped, and blitzes will be a plenty. It's a totally, and i mean totally different look. A look nobody has seen yet. hmmmmm. How can you send everyone blitzing with two pro bowl receivers. pick your poison. This offense will score points and in bunches the no huddle will work and bills will make the playoffs since the music city bull@#$%.

     Now i know most of you are asking what about the line? Ahhhh yes the line. Raw and inexperienced, in the beginning i'm sure by spreading the field, and using the TE (Sean Nelson) some wrinkles will help relieve pressure and will buy some time for the line to gel. Just in time for the stretch playoff run. They are a good group of guys lots of potential. Hangardner is extremely smart and the anchor of the bunch. He and Butler will lead the rookies. Wood can play, all he needs is time and Levetre is working well on the left side with Demetrius Bell who was predicted to be the next Jason Peters, and happens to be the biological son of Karl Malone H E L L O.

     So what does this all mean? my fellow bills fans we have been through more heartbreak than most.We have been dangling on the cusp of greatness and disaster. we have been stagnant and seen only mediocrity for years. All we need is Edwards to play ok just ok. Let all the talent around you do all the work and the Bills are in the playoffs despite their schedule and critics. To all the loyal Bills fans all over the planet I leave you with this. I know with all that disappointment its very difficult to stay positive or BILLeve what we see. but this is the beginning of something special. A chance for a team to create an identity and be respected. Look down the roster list if we are not there now, we are so damn close. Keep the faith BILLS FANS IT'S COMMING DON'T DIS-PARE!!!!