Tennesee Football: Crompton Is Bush League

Dicky DayContributor ISeptember 12, 2009

Welcome back Tennesee football fans.

I must say at first that I truely wish that the University of Tennesee and head coach Lane Kiffin would have won last weeks game against Western Kentucky 10-7.

This test/game against UCLA was an absolute embarassment for not only the Univeristy of Tennnesee but the South Eastern Conference. Tennessee showed up not only to prove themselves not worthly of the South Eastern Conference oppenents but the rest of the nation.

Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton not only single handedly lost Tennessee the football game but ended the rest of the season for the Volunteer hopeful.

There is absolutely nothing that the University of Tennesee has to play for other than upset.

If I were head coach Lane Kiffin, Jonathan Crompton would play no longer and I would play the least qualified quarterback possible.

This would only aide in the recruiting of Tennesee football; at least he would have a scape goat!

I am a die hard Tennessee football fan and I have nothing to look forward to.

Recruiting has been over ranked!

Gameplay/Coaching will always be overzealous.

Expectations will never be met!

I have nothing more to say and I am no longer writing a biased perspective!

When you have 100,000 plus in attendance and lack ability at quarterback!!!! You deserve to be scrutinized and made fun of.

Good watching, good luck, and good beer; happy college football 2010!!!!!!