Gamesharkin': Southern Cal

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst ISeptember 12, 2009

Poe McKnoe takes a look at 6 different cheat codes he’d love to enter into his Gameshark for the Ohio State – USC game. Enjoy the game and try not to hit the reset button (cheater).

USC's Enemy

USC's Enemy

AOSU-EXXC - Grade A Execution

Tired of false starts, holding, interceptions and blown coverages? Grade A execution makes the Buckeyes disciplined and effective. Jim Tressel is one of the best play callers in the nation…when the plays work.

In Reality: Offensive calls or the players have to change. If they can’t run plays and be effective, change plays. If you stick to the same plays and they are ineffective, changer players. One seems easier than the other, but I’ll believe it when it happens.

12ON-11HA - Extra Man in the Box

Introducing the 4-4-4 defense against USC will allow Ohio State to protect against runs up the gut and on the outside. The extra defender plays the Explosion, basically an updated Star position, designed to wreak havoc.

In Reality…Defensive ends and tackles need to hold their position and stop the ground game. There’s no hope if USC’s offensive line gets helmets on the linebackers. Joe McKnight sandwiching himself in between lineman for 10 yard gains, like Navy’s Ricky Dobbs, will have the Night in the Coliseum flashing through the Buckeyes heads.

FCA7-C6A4 - Perfect Timing

Big plays happen with bad defensive timing when pressure hasn’t reached the QB and the secondary has lost coverage. Get the two on the same page and make the zone defense work.

In Reality: That is reality. Each half of the defense needs to be on the same page. Blitz on time and don’t get taken out of the play. Pressure the QB and cover the receivers. Simple in theory, but theory isn’t going up against the USC offense.

B1G2-L1L2 - Stationary Mays

How do you prevent Taylor Mays from impacting the game? Flag him if he moves. Mays will have a tough time covering the field, but will somehow manage to get flagged for two helmet to helmet hits.

In Reality…Taylor Mays is the USC version of Terrelle Pryor, but plays defense and hits harder. He has unreal athleticism, but can make coverage mistakes and get out of position. Force him to make mistakes, but watch the togetherness your skull.

100Y-50YA - Pint Size Field

Trouble covering the whole field while defenders streak untouched in the end zone? Cover less on the 1:2 scale field that really takes the spread out of the spread. Also, field goals from your own 20 now become a reality and there’s an 11 man box.

In Reality: React quicker and move faster. Plenty of people have complained about the OSU defense being to slow to react to the faster offenses of LSU, Florida, Illinois, and USC, so I’ll just nod my head.

J1MT-RSSL - Field Goals = Touchdowns

Field goals get you down? Does the red zone give you nightmares? Kicking field goals gets you 6 points. Now the field goal is the most important play in football.

In Reality: Jim Tressel would be accused of running up the score if field goals were worth 6 points. Ohio Sate, especially with Terrelle Pryor, shouldn’t have trouble putting the ball in the end zone. During 3 games in 2008, Ohio State failed to register a touchdown. Each player needs to play every down like it could mean win or lose.