Fatal Preview: Matt Morgan Vs Kurt Angle Vs Sting Vs AJ Styles

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2009

On paper this looks like it has the potential for a great match. In this match up you have two great veteran superstars in Kurt Angle and Sting. You also have superstars on the rise such as AJ Styles and Matt Morgan. Keep in mind that we are one PPV away from TNA's biggest Pay Per View of the year, Bound For Glory! So this match could prove very important to what we will see at Bound For Glory.

The Superstars

Matt Morgan is in my eyes a superstar that has unlimited potential. He is built like a future champion and he is great inside the ring. Matt Morgan has been built up well. Matt Morgan is currently being scouted by Kurt and the Mafia. It does not seem like it may be working though. Matt looks like he can explode at any moment, which is a good thing. I can't wait when it'll be just Morgan and Angle standing it that ring at No Surrender. It'll be priceless.

Kurt Angle has had his title run, but is it going to end at No Surrender? You got 3 hungry competitors just looking to take his belt. On the other hand he is Kurt Angle and he does usually find himself a way out of those tough situations. So maybe he will be able to escape this one too.

Sting is close to the end of the line. We all know that at Bound For Glory we have a picture of Sting and it is saying that it could be the final curtain I believe. Sting might be an old superstar, but he is still a great wrestler. I think Sting has a legitamate chance of winning the belt at No Surrender. It would be a great way to honour The Icon. You could have him win it, but then have Styles challenge him at Bound For Glory for the belt and Sting's career.

Then you have the Phenominal one. AJ Styles is a superstar with unlimited potential. He is just waiting for his moment. I think Styles is one of the favoured to win the belt at No Surrender. The big reason is because it really plays into the Sting retirement situation for Bound For Glory. Styles could win the belt at No Surrender and then for Bound For Glory Sting could challenge him for the belt and say that if he doesn't win that will mark the end of his career.

The Match

This should be a good match in length. Fatal Four Ways are generally good when it comes to duration. The superstars in the match are all in my book in great shape and at great wrestling levels. When it comes to rating the match I think that I'll give it 4 out of 5. It could go higher to 4 1/2 even. This should be amazing.

My favourite in this match is The Phenominal One, AJ Styles. Styles is suppose to be the one Sting is going to pass the torch to and at Bound For Glory it is suppose to be Sting's last stand so I believe AJ Styles is gonna retire him.

AJ Styles could win the belt at No Surrender. AJ would then appear on Impact celebrating his victory and he would be interrupted by Sting. Sting would say that he wants a shot at the title. He would say there is a trick to that though. If AJ beats him he will officially leave Total Non-Stop Action.

Then again it could be switched around with Sting winning and AJ Styles challenging him for the belt and his career.

Back to the match. This could turn out to be a good one. I hope that TNA doesn't bomb this Pay Per View though. They seem to be doing that recently, but maybe this is when the streak ends. And a good main event can seal the deal.

How it plays out

This is how I think the match will go...

Sting gets at Kurt Angle early on as Matt Morgan and AJ Styles take it outside the ring.

Matt Morgan temporarily takes out AJ Styles from the match.

He gets in the ring and helps Kurt Angle fight off Sting.

Matt Morgan then looks at the Main Event Mafia Leader and takes the fight to him.

Matt Morgan takes it to Kurt Angle.

Sting and Styles eventually join Morgan in the fight against Angle.

When they are done with that Styles and Sting double team Matt Morgan and leave it down to themselves.

Sting and Styles fight at it until neither man is barely at their feet.

At that point Angle gets back in the game and throws AJ Styles and Sting out of the ring.

Angle stands tall while Matt Morgan makes his way into the ring and stares at Angle.

He attacks Angle beating the living day lights out of him. He attempts the pin several times, but Angle kicks out a few times and Sting disrupts the last pin fall attempt.

Sting then takes control of the match taking out Morgan followed by Kurt.

Just when Sting has the Scorpion Hold in AJ Styles makes his way into the ring and breaks it up.

Sting gets up looking furiously at AJ Styles.

They go at it once with it ending in a Styles Clash.

Styles covers, while Morgan and Angle desperately try to make it to the ring.

They fail though as AJ Styles gets the win.

Prediction:AJ Styles wins in a 30+ minute match.