Eli Manning: An Analysis Of The New York Giants' QB

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2008

Here is my analysis of Eli Manning, quarterback of the New York Giants:


1)     Arm Strength: A-

Throughout his tenure in the NFL, Eli has demonstrated a knack for throwing the deep ball with both velocity as well as accuracy. However, he does need to stride forward with his legs in order to attain his maximum velocity, thereby limiting his arm strength rating by one grade.

2)     Arm Accuracy: B

While accuracy has been a problem for Eli through a large portion of his career, he made great strides in improving this facet of his game in 2007. However, he still has some room to improve before he can be recognized as a perennial Pro Bowl quarterback.

3)     Release: A-

Eli knows how to get rid of the ball quickly, and his greatly improved form has only in bettered his release. This quality is best evident by the lesser number of times he was sacked this year, even while being protected by a first time left tackle.

4)     Mobility: C+

Eli isn’t the fastest quarterback in the world, but he knows how to move around in the pocket. For that reason, I felt a C+ was a fair rating.

5)     Awareness: A-

Eli has grown to become an extremely intelligent field general. The magical plays that he made during the Super Bowl against New England showed the world what Giants fans already knew.

6)     Durability: A-

Through his career, Eli has taken some bad hits, and yet he always gets back up and continues playing at a high level. That’s what durability is all about.

7)     Leadership: A-

He lead his team to a Super Bowl victory on what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. However, he will still have to learn to cope with the stronger personality players, such as Jeremy Shockey, before I can assign him an A in this category.

8)     Toughness: A

Early on in the 2007 season, Eli encountered a serious injury that was supposed to sideline him for about a month and a half. However, not only did Eli come back after only one week, but he played at a very high level. That’s the kind of toughness that a quarterback needs.

9)     Clutch: A

As Giants fans surely know, Eli may already be the best 2 minute drill quarterback in the game. However, for the rest of the country who may not be as convinced, just look at his performance against New England in the Super Bowl. If that’s not clutch, what is?


Overall Grade: A-