WWE Reacts to Jeff Hardy Arrest

Myles HubbardCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

Now, I've been gone for about six months, so this is my first article in some time now. Bear with me.

So, as we all know Jeff Hardy recently took time off to recover from the continuous pounding he takes day in and day out in that wrestling ring.

He has made a ton of money, and brought in a legion of fans to the WWE since he has returned in 2006.

Vince McMahon has said that he already has two strikes with the company, with leads me to this story that I'm sure a few of you have read but may have not.

Update On Status of DVD

You see, the WWE was planning on releasing a Jeff Hardy dvd in the very near future. Matt Hardy even confirmed on his twitter account that he filmed footage for the DVD in his hometown.

Now that the WWE has gotten word of the arrest, they have called off plans completely to release the DVD. This is just another blow to Hardy, seeing as he hasn't had a good week at all.

Let's all just hope that he can overcome all this drama and still make an earnest living whenever he decides to return to a wrestling ring, regardless of what you may think about him.

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