David Beckham Finally Turns It On for Los Angeles Galaxy

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst IMay 25, 2008

It's incredibly easy to knock David Beckham, over his earnings, private life and many other things, but it's extremely hard to keep him down. And now, despite the doubts, Beckham is slowly putting in United and Madrid-style performances for LA Galaxy.

One thing the England star possesses in abundance is character. From the red card incident with Simeone, to the dropping at the hands of Capello, he comes back stronger with better displays which stun his doubters.

When Beckham made the sensational switch from Madrid to Los Angeles, there were the expected and obvious cries from the European media, "Big Pay-Day" and "Can't perform at the same level."

Well he is on a massive wage, somewhere in the region of $350,000 a week!

For that sort of money you would expect some quality performances but Beckham's first season was ravaged through injury.

That doesn't take away from the fact whenever the Galaxy played, home and away, attendances rose purely to see the ex-captain of England. So, an effect has been created but Galaxy still finished poorly in their division.

Beckham has begun this year seemingly determined to pay back some of that substantial wage. Four goals and five assists have given Galaxy a good platform to build on and hopefully win some silverware.

One of those four goals came against Kansas City, where almost Wimbledon-style he scored from fully 70 yards!

Albeit with no goalkeeper, but it's a tough skill and the fans at the Home Depot Center won't be too quick to tell you that.

Many critics, myself included, point out Galaxy are the Wigan/Fulham of American soccer and Beckham purely picked Galaxy for location. It's no coincidence that Hollywood is just around the corner, as are all his acting and singing mates.

The Galaxy fans will not give a toss about his social life if he can deliver some quality displays and drive them further up the league. They now stand top of the MLS Western Conference and wouldn't mind a few more 70 yard goals either!