Barnavicious XCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2009

It's been a constant topic of discussion amongst my friends and I; just who is the NFL's biggest douche? Last year we crowned Phillip Rivers, you can see he was very honored by the award. Jay Cutler was a close second with Jared Allen taking the bronze medal.

The coaching Douchey went to none other than Lane Kiffin, granted a special exemption because he was in college most of the year.

Now, it's important to note I am the only Raider fan amongst last years voters so the 2008 winners were not influenced by my Raider loyalty.  This year I thought I would expand the voter pool, and committ to report results honestly and accurately.

Over the next couple months submit your candidate for douche of the year 2009. Candidates should be active NFL players or coaches. .

Leave a comment with your Vote and 1 or 2 reasons validating the vote, I will tally the votes and post the top 3 along with some on the best comments.


Happy Voting and Good Luck to all the candidates....