Redskins Are Just As Good As The Rest Of The N.f.c. East ?

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Redskins Are Just As Good As The Rest Of The N.f.c. East ?

hello people my name is rob so bare with me i am new at this writing stuff so excuse me if i don,t use great puncuation or spelling lol lo i am not a typing wiz. just some thought,s on   the skins the division the giants are the team to beat people might disagree but they have the best defensive line in the n.f.c. and that,s what made them beat the pat,s 2 years ago in the bowl. dallas romo don,t have t.o. no-more is that a plus or a negative only time will tell the eagle,s have mcnabb and Westbrook and that is always scary .and the skins ? well year after year the problem with them is a injury prone  o line and not a true pass rusher that can give you a 20 sack season . like a demarcus ware or a strahan and a qb that is alway,s a question mark . i do believe if the skins o line can protect campbel he can give you a good season the key is the o line and campbel if they both fail then the skins are a non playoff team . dallas the eagles and giants may have better qb,s or they think they have better q,bs then the skins but only eli has won a superbowl and was not that great in that game romo can,t win a playoff game and can,t win in december and mcnabb alway,s lose,s in the championship game, point is defence dose win superbowls and if eli or big ben had no d they would not have won anything.just ask marino he had a great offense but never had a prime time defence to take them all the way .the skins have a better defence then last years team that was ranked 5th in the n.f.c. so this year they will have to keep game,s close to win some games the skins have something that there rivals don,t have . the best secondary in the division. and they have good depth at the corners it is going to be tough throwing on that secondary so for all the doubter,s the skins are just as good as everybody else but have to prove it  well thanks and i hope you found my post werth a read see ya     rob sahm ...

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