Tiger Cats Whoop The Argos In Labour Day Classic

Brad NortonCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2009

I apologize for writing this so late, I've had my hands tied all this week. But, as I like to say, better late then never. Just let me say this...


The Argos had their asses handed to them on Monday (and will again tonight). I enjoyed watching the sportscasters in Toronto try to come up with some explanation like, "this is one of the worst argos teams ever".

Say what ever you want Toronto fans, but, it's Hamilton's time to shine and shine they are as they destroyed the competition (in a very humorous day). The Tiger Cats struggled in the first half.

But, as everyone knows by now they're a second half team. As, they went from a close game and even tied in the first half in Toronto's favour. To a final kick ass score of 35-14 Hamilton.

It was a tame game until the second half came around and a fight broke out on the field resulting in a player or two from each team getting ejected. After, that it was a whole new game plan as both teams started playing dirty.  

I was sitting awfully high up and could hear some of the collisions, not to mention over the sound of over 30,000 rowdy ti-cats fans. It was a very amusing game no matter where you went.

I actually went to the washroom and was draining the leak. When, I just heard this guy say "Hey buddy, I use to have that shirt, then I got a job". Of course, it was a ti-cat fan referring to a guy wearing an Argos jersey. Can you say classic?

Anyways, be sure to catch tonight's game on TSN or for those of you who don't have TSN, hook into a stream on the Internet @ 7 p.m.