2009 Week 1 BCSFP Finalized

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2009 Week 1 BCSFP Finalized

BYU jumped up 11 spots over Oklahoma dropping 9 spots after beating them. Also falling hard was Virgina Tech and Iowa, despite barely winning, dropping from the top 25. Florida & Texas remain the 1-2 punch. BYU at #10 received two first place votes. Cincinnati, Notre Dame and Miami all move in to the top 25.

Sawyer regained official pollster status under the Brandon Rule. There were 2 other applications, but one for another Brandon Rule was 1 week short (it takes 2 consecutive weeks to re-apply under the Brandon Rule) and the other application by a new member that was a little confused on how things work. Remember, you have to vote in the voting booth (NEW! AWESOME!) for 4 consecutive weeks here, before you can apply.

On a bright note, we gained 16 more users who found the site and signed up. Welcome to all and we hope to see you applying soon.

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