I Hate The University of Southern California Trojans!

David PachecoCorrespondent IApril 4, 2017

This is my first article, I have become a huge fan of this site, and as I have told a friend of mine that works with me in my office, my productivity could fall off a little. 

I have read multiple articles this week concerning the match up between the Trojans of SoCal and the Ohio State Buckeyes.  These two storied programs have infused more talent into the NFL in two years than most schools in a decade. I can quote all the numbers of draft picks, how many from each school, and who was drafted where, but that is not this article, the insiders know, both schools are breeding grounds.

Some would say that SC has the players ability on the college level and it does not translate well to the next.  My reply to that would be, you must be living on Mars.  Pete Carroll has brought this program from the depths, to the forefront of college football.  Do not take that for granted, that is not an easy task for anyone.  Not only has he done this, lets be honest here, has a roster year after year that any coach in his right mind would love to have.  The RB situation at USC is the most unique in the country, he has 4-5 backs that could be the feature back at any other D-1 school.  Instead Carroll has convinced them that playing into the system at Tailback U and being involved in the environment he has created, can benefit them more than being "the guy" at another school, and you cant really argue that.

Did you comprehend what that last sentence means?  If you don't, stop reading this, and never mention it to anyone!  Trust me, I am looking out for you.

So if you are reading this and wondering why the title says what it does, my reply to you is, if I did not bleed cardinal and gold, I would hate the Trojans too. 

Our depth is what is going to be what takes over Saturday, as I have said before, Terrell Pryor is a great athlete, but being a great athlete does not make you a great QB.  Contain him, and OSU does not have the ability or the depth at the other skill positions to compete. 

Every year we hear this is the year that the Trojans are going to rebuild, due to the amount of players drafted mind you.  I know its early, but the last time I checked, we are #3 on the top 25.  In a rebuilding year.  Even with the young QB this team is more dangerous than anyone really wants to admit.  You see, that's part of it, the allure of it, a TRUE FRESHMAN leading this program.  I have no reason to question Carroll and will not begin to now. 

Our recruiting is going to ensure this program is going to dominate for years to come.  There is not a season that has gone by in over a decade that the Trojans are not in the running for all the marbles.  Want to argue that?  No you don't, because you can't. 

We are the premier program in the country, and every year its fun the listen to the haters, which there is no shortage of.

If you are wondering why?

That's what happens when you are on top. People love to try to bring it down, and really, most of them have common everyday nothing new arguments. For some of you, this may be unfamiliar, and there is nothing wrong with that, be true to your colors, but remember the crimson and gold.  Your players and coaches will, while they are cleaning off the "stick marks" off your teams uniforms and helmets.   

Then there is the secret society group of fans from OSU that would love to see Jim Tressel gone. That is another article though. 

So if you are reading this and wondering why the title says what it does, my reply to you is, if I did not bleed cardinal and gold I would hate the Trojans too. 

I will finish with this, College Football is the greatest sport on the planet.  There is nothing like watching Corso pull out the head gear, seeing the group of fans painted from head to toe, hearing the student sections going crazy, watching peoples' blood boil due the passion that runs through their veins for their team, reading articles from week to week about the match ups and then, gametime. 

I read the other day from another writer on this site that College Football has the greatest regular season on the planet.  Could not agree more.

So this Saturday while my Trojans go to battle with the Buckeyes, and all the hype and rhetoric goes to the wayside, we see why.....

So if you are reading this and wondering why the title says what it does, my reply to you is, if I did not bleed cardinal and gold I would hate the Trojans too.