Ohio State-USC: The Top 10 College Gameday Signs I Hope to See

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst ISeptember 11, 2009

ESPN's College Gameday is coming to Columbus Saturday morning in preparation for the 8PM showdown between No. 3 USC and No. 8 Ohio State.

The signs that fans bring to CGD have become part of the tradition and there are always some that took a lot of imagination and a great sense of humor.

Here are the top 10 (sign ideas) that I hope to see there so if you're going, feel free to use any of these!

Drumroll please...........and here we go:

No. 10—Joe Wilson says, "Matt Barkley, you a liar!"

No. 9—Vika Mick (probably not the first time Vicodin and Mick Jagger have tango'd)

No. 8—Go Bucks, BLOUNT the Trojans!

No. 7—Hey, Matt...Can you hear me now!?

No. 6—Traveler is a GELDING

No. 5—You can't Spell lack of institutional Control without "USC"

No. 4—Brutus uses Trojans!

No. 3—U$C : Where it Really Does Pay to Play

No. 2—Southern feCal

No. 1—O.J. MURDERED my other sign!


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