Breaking WWE News: Shelton Benjamin Face Turn?

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Breaking WWE News: Shelton Benjamin Face Turn?
(Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

According to Jim Ross on his latest blog, Shelton Benjamin is on his way to becoming a babyface. Here's a quote from good 'ol J.R.'s website.

"It looks like Shelton Benjamin is working his way back to being a fan favorite. I could be wrong but that's what it seems to me. I still think Benjamin can be special with the right presentation because athletes like him don't come along too often. Plus, Shelton is one of the most engaging and entertaining guys on any roster in the locker room. If that talent can be transferred to in front of the camera, and I think it can, the WWE can mine some valuable minerals from the Gold Standard." (

The fact that it is coming from J.R. is good news. Shelton's athletic ability and high flying moves can only benefit becoming a face. His charisma needs some work, but his skill in the ring should bring fans to their feet.

Benjamin has been described as the most athletic wrestler on the WWE roster, and many fans have hoped that he would receive a solid push for a long time since his matches with Triple H on Raw. 

As a face Shelton could be used as another ally of Christian against William Regal, or he could be traded to another brand to make a new impact and freshen up storylines.  Overall, this could be excellent news for WWE.

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