Rangers Or Reds, Who Got The Better Deal?

Kevin McCoolCorrespondent IMay 24, 2008

    Again the Rangers trade away a very talented, young pitcher, but this time was different.

    GM John Daniels has made some truly boneheaded mistakes for the Rangers.  He traded away Chris Young to the Padres for absolutely nothing.  He also gave up Adrian Gonzales in that deal.  The players they got in return in that trade don't even play with the team anymore.

    Daniels may have redeemed himself this time around however.  Hamilton, batting .335 with 53 RBIs, tops in the league, looks to be made of greatness.  Granted, Volquez is leading the NL in ERA, but this Texas staff is not hurting at the starting pitching spot as in past years.  Their staff isn't much different than last year, but they are getting the job done this year. 

    Hamilton has quickly established himself as the best player on this Ranger squad.  Volquez would not have had the same effect.  The Rangers had been trying to change Volquez's delivery, the same one that he is succeeding with in Cincy, the past few years, so he would not have been as dominant on the Texas team.

    It is very difficult to judge a trade that involves a position player and a pitcher, especially when both have succeeded with their new teams, but I think both teams won this one.  They both got young talent that is succeeding now and will for years to come. 

    An unwritten rule in baseball trades is that you do not trade a pitcher, especially one with the talent of Volquez, for a position player, simply because an ace pitcher can really turn a team around, but the Rangers broke that rule and were rewarded with possibly the best player in the AL this year.