Hard Knocks: A PPV Name Change Again?

Sherard QuowContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

Well, this is Hard Knocks again with another update of a PPV name change. But this name change is just the stupidest of all name changes.

The last PPV of the year formerly known as Armageddon, has now been changed to TLC: Tables, Ladders, And Chairs? But what the hell? Why WWE, why? Why change it to a stipulation dammit! You've already changed No Mercy to Hell In A Cell, but this is just.........wow. (I have no other words to talk about this change.)

What next WWE? You're going to change No Way Out to WWE Elimination Chamber?

I'm just tired of WWE changing names man. I am just speechless right now.


And this is Hard Knocks signing off.