Stanley Cup Finals: A Dream Come True?

Matt EichelSenior Writer IMay 24, 2008

For the first time since the the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals, there will be two teams competing for more than their first franchise championship.

Pittsburgh is going for number three, while Detroit is going for number eleven.

And thank goodness.

For too long have teams who have lacked any championship-laden history been making it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Gary Bettman has a love for putting teams in places where people don't care about hockey, such as Tampa or Carolina, where their arenas cannot sell out finals games or put on a decent championship parade for their Stanley Cup champions.

After having southern cities such as Anaheim, Tampa, and Carolina all capturing their first championships, it's finally back to two teams where the fans actually have a clue about what is going on with their team outside of the playoffs.

An Original Six team playing a 1967 expansion team.  Both teams have history. Both teams have loyal and knowledgeable fans who care about their team.

And to top it all off, isn't this the kind of final Bettman wanted anyways?  The top team in the league versus the team that the league's newest superstar leads?  This series will do more for the league than any Cup Final has since the 1994 Cup win where the New York Rangers clinched their first Cup in 54 years.

After that Cup win, people began to take notice of the NHL due to the fact that such a large market in New York had won the Cup.

Now with the game's biggest superstar on the game's biggest stage with his first chance at Stanley Cup glory, the NHL has the chance to become viable again.