Are You A Pirate Fan Or an Irate Fan?

Paul BaronnerContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

 The Pirates just clinched the record for most consecutive losing seasons, not just for baseball, but for all four major sports. So what! Let’s all have a good cry. Sorry I forgot there’s no crying in baseball! Now what? I guess we could all complain about it. Oh I forgot a lot of you are.

So as all the major sports outlets converge on Pittsburgh to lament the sorry state of the current Pirates and contrast them to the two reigning champions that Pittsburgh does have, remember this: we’re Pittsburgh fans, tough as our teams. Those teams are known for defense. Why not us?

So when these casual observers descend on the “Burgh” with their criticism and superficial analysis, wouldn’t it be better to circle the wagons, instead of joining the chorus of carpetbaggers, who after ripping everything and anything Pirate, all the while talking about the poor, poor Pirate fans, who have soldiered on all these years.

They’ll do this of course to pacify and placate us into submission as victims, all so that we won’t defend our own, after which they will leave town and forget all about us. Let’s show them our defense. Why don’t we defend “our” team?

My late sister-in law, who was one of the nicest people I was ever privileged to know, once said about her husband “if he needs criticized I’ll do it, that’s my job not yours”. These outsiders are already here quoting disgruntled former employees, who were fired (Jim Rooker), taking players quotes out of context (“it looked like a Phillies home game”) to suit their desires.

So even if you don’t agree with what current management is doing, at least until these guys’s leave town, let’s not give them any more ammo than they already have. Oh by the way, once they do leave town, how about we grow up a little and start ANYLIZING what’s going on in the farm system and start talking about the positive things that are taking place. Let’s revel in what McCutchen and Garrett are doing.

For all of the hometown fans complaining night and day, let’s suck it up, we root for the Steelers, not the soap operatic Cowboys dang it. If there’s no crying in baseball there shouldn’t be any whining either, at least not in the burgh. How about we start analyzing instead of dramatizing the whole situation, Sports is supposed to uplift, it’s supposed to take us away from our troubles for a short while, not become our trouble.

By the time Andrew McCutchen is eligible for free agency, we will have a lot more talent up from the minors and through trades and I believe we’ll be a winning team at that point or maybe sooner, at that point if management let’s Andrew walk, it’s time for all of us to pick up our pitchforks and head for the castle.

In the mean time let’s enjoy all the new players working their way through the system, kind of like expectant parents watching our kids grow up, seeing how they turn out. Let’s enjoy the ride, you know as fans we’re going to take it, whether we enjoy it or not.