Rob Kurtz To The Denver Nuggets

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2009

Sources from Cleveland have said that Rob Kurtz has decided to leave Cleveland and the offer for the 15th spot on the roster for more money in Denver "Cleveland Plain Dealer."

While this short claim from Cleveland leads people to believe that Kurtz will be Linas Kleiza's replacement and 13th man on the roster, I don't believe that is the case.  Kurtz at 24 is a very intriguing young prospect that averaged 4 points, 2 rebounds and shot 40% from behind the arc last year at 6'9.

That said, I don't see a 24 year old playing the back up small forward position along with a 24 year old Arron Afflalo, and a rookie point guard in Ty Lawson for Denver's bench.  That is too much inexperience and youth to rely on for a team that is looking for a West Finals repeat and a shot at the title.

Denver could sign Kurtz and put him on the roster for the first two to seven games with the absence of Renaldo Balkman and JR Smith due to suspensions.  Then play Kurtz in the Development league and allow him to improve on his skills and still play basketball instead of getting limited minutes in Cleveland.

After watching clips of Kurtz, his three point game is very good.  He has potential skills in the paint and a decent mid-range jump shot.  Kurtz's defense is a bit questionable, and he needs to bulk up a bit to be a true asset to an NBA team.

Kurtz could only compete and contribute at the small forward position, but with work he has the size to play power forward as well and become more of an asset to an NBA team.

Kurtz showed signs of potential rotational minutes after hitting a game winning buzzer-beater in a pre-season game in China against Milwaukee.

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