UT's Bryce Brown and His Agent: New Generation of Punk

Hotof DapresContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

Bryce Brown was the top high school running back in the country (Rivals.com) before he enrolled at Tennessee and he has had a manager for 3 years.
Bryce hired Brian Butler to train and consult him in everything football from handling his high school coach to what colleges he would consider. Before signing day Bryce decided to postpone choosing of a college while Butler tried to sign him to a $5million CFL contract and skip going to college altogether.

According to the New York Times Brian Butler acts like he is the agent. Butler had a website that charged colleges for exclusive recruiting updates of Brown and the running back doesn’t mind Butler profiteering from the enterprises.
“If there’s anybody that needs to be making money off of me, it needs to be the person that’s put the time in,” he said.

Bryce Brown even stopped training with his high school team.
Coach Brian Byers of Wichita East High School said in addition to that he told Brown to “shut it down” in games once they piled up big statistics. He also said there was no team chemistry because of Bryce Brown’s attitude. “We had supposedly the best football player in the country in high school, and we went 6-3. We didn’t have a team because of that.”

Is Bryce Brown the 18 year old version of Barry Bonds?