NFL Week 1 Predictions

Jorge RodriguezContributor ISeptember 10, 2009

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 09:  The NFL shield logo on the goal post during play between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on November 9, 2008 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Tennessee Titans

A good game on paper, but as we all know games are played on the field not on paper. We all thought the last time these two teams met that it was going to be a good game based on what we saw on paper.As we all know one team came to play that day and it was not my beloved Steelers as the Titans routed us 31-14.This year I predict a reversal of fate for the steelers.I see it going 24-10,with the steelers coming out on top.


Atlanta Falcons Vs Miami Dolphins

This is a game i feel can go either way.Miami has an offense that is hit and miss.One secod you can have Brown running a 50yd td,Ginn Catching one in the endzone,or ricky running one in on the goal line.The Falcons are on their way up from medeocracy to actually being a year in year out decent team.Matt Ryan is quickly moving up the ranks of the top qb's in the league.Plus we cant forget the Falcons also got Tony Gonzalez this offseason and the running game looks to be stellar again this season,not to mention the progression of the receivers.My predictio for this game is 21-17 with the Dolphins coming out on top in this close game.



Baltmore Ravens Vs Kansas City Chiefs

This game is going to be probably the most one sided game of week1.I see Baltimore dominating from the opening kick-off.Kansas is going to be over powered on both sides of the ball through out the game.Flacco,Lewis,Reed,and mason are going to be too much and the Ravens are going to win 32-10.The only hope the Chiefs have is if Cassell can manage to pull a rabbit out of his hat but we all no theres no hope for KC against the 2nd best defense in the league



Philidelphia Eagles At Carolina Panthers

This is the game this week that i feel could either be a blow out or a game won on a last second field goal.The eagles to me have the edge but the Panthers are an explosive team....when they want to be.Delhomme,smith,Stewart, the hesrt of the Panther offense,just wont be enough to get past the Eagles.McNabb,Jackson,Curtis,and Westbrook are going to have just enough to pull out the win24-21 in the closing seconds of the game.



Cincinnati Bengals Vs Denver Broncos

With the off season loss of T.J Houshmandzadeh the bengals lose their go to guy when Palmer is in trouble.Ochocinco can only do much (no matter how much he thinks he can do it all).Palmer I feel (and you'll probably say I'm crazy) Has his bes days behind him,and has maybe 2 more good years left (if that),the Bengals will enjoy their fall back to the bottom of the AFC North with Pittsburgh and Baltimore the constant as contenders in division and Cleveland starting fresh and on the climb.Denver..where do i start there,they have an idiot for a coach,a reciever that doesnt want to be there,no running put it nicely is not the best in the league..This game  much as I hate to say it is going to be one by the Bengals with a score of 24-14



Minnesota Vikings At Cleveland Browns

Brett Favre....Can anyone tell me why they think HE is going to turn this team around?? If I remember right,were they not a pretty good team last season??What can brett do win them 1 maybe 2 more games (if he plays all season which hes not sure he's going to do).I think they have enough talent to be good without Mr.Favre,so can we please talk about the real talent on this team the guys named:Peterson,Rice,Berrian,Allen,and not to mention pretty much everyone on the entire defense that is just going t make this a fun game to watch.I dont think there's a doubt Minnesota is going to pull off this win 31-14 thanks to the real talent not Mr.Favre.



Houston Texans Vs NewYork Jets

Another very under-rated team this year are the Houston Texans.This is a team stacked on both sides of the ball.They have a decent O-line,A solid running game,A very dominating reciever,and a stacked defense,this team is a good quarterback away from being great.Then you got the Jets,A team in the midst of what could turn out to be a successful rebuilding phase.Mark Sanchez has the talent,and just may have the guys around him to turn this franchise around.In what should be a pretty decent game for both teams on both sides of the ball I see the Jets and their Qb of the future winning in his first game as a starter 20-14



Jacksonville Jaguars At Indianapolis Colts

It goes without question that as long as you have Payton Manning at the helm of your team,you stand a decent chance of winning.I see payton having a decent game against the Jags secondary.The Jags have alot of internal issues that I can see being a distraction to them,like an O-line thats subpar,a coach in the hot seat,shrinking fan attendance,and lets face it a sub-par offense.The colts have also had better teams in the past but Payton allways seems to get it done when he needs to and the game is o the line.Final score of this game 28-13 Indy prevailing.



New Orleans Saints Vs Detroit Lions

As i sit and think about this game im torn in what im about to write.I see this game going in favor of Detroit....yes i said it,the losing streak stops here in New Orleans. Matt Stafford is finally going to allow Calvin Johnson's real talent a how good he really is.The Lions have made whole-sale changes to their roster,dont be suprised if they shock you this year.The Saints.We all know what they have A 5000 yard Qb,decent running game,and pretty stout recievers,but a lacking D.That lacking D is what is going to cost the Saints this game.Now fans when you see the lions celebrating a hard fought 28-24 victory on a 4th quarter interception..get used to it,its goin to happen alot this year.



Dallas Cowboys At Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Okay Cowgirl...sorry Cowboy fans,get ready for another year worth of let downs.Romo has proven time and time again he doesn't have what it takes to get the job done (need a 2nd opinion ask Jessica Simpson).Tampa on the other and me great off season moves.Cadillac is healty,winslow is ready to go,Leftwich showed he still has game left in him.A yes cowboy fans week 1 should feel normal to you...another loss that you can blame on sorry Romo's new girlfriend.23-10 is the score by which the Bucs will beat the girls by when the cannons go off at the end of the game.



SanFrancisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco..U tried, i give you that much..But really,whata dumb choice you chose in the draft.One word will sum up this game and this seaon for the 49ers' DOH!! This game to put it nicely is going to get ugly quick,with a so-so defense and an offense that rivals that of a high school team the golden boys are going to get crushed by the birds.We all know the Cards have one ofif not thebest passing game in the league,and in my opinion Beanie Wells will show he was a steal for the Cards and help them in the department they needed it most.Cards win easily 41-14.



Washington Redskins At NewYork Giants

Hmmm.The younger Manning,his main reciever gone,the guy that made the 2nd best catch in superbowl history helping said Manning to his nice extension is also gone.So Eli this year we are going to see what you are really worth.Washington.Not much to look foward to again this season.A mid level offense,subpar qb,defense not that great (even though they got mr "wait til we get our Haynesworth on you").One guy is not going to get this team where they need to be,yes its a step in the right direction,but still 3 yrs away from being a very good team.This game is going to be a close one,the definition of inches winning games will be on display durig this one.In the end Giants will walk away 21-20 victors on a late defensive stand.



Seattle Seahawks Vs St.Louis Rams

2 totally different offenses will be on display for this game.Seattle with the addition of T.J. will now have a more steady passing game.A pretty decent D and a par running game should keep the game close for the Hawks.On the other side of the ball you got the Rams..A run & gun type of team with pretty good speed on offense.The draw back to the rams is that not only are the hit or miss on offense,but the defense is the same way.However in this game the Rams run & gun will be too much for the Hawks,with the final score being 17-7.



Chicago Bears At Green Bay Packers

A rivalry revisited in week1.And this game will be a disappointment for one team...Da Bears.Yes Cutler is a great seasoned Qb capable of great things,he can only do so much with what he has around him.A recieving core that would have a hard time scoring on even the lowest ranked defenses in the league.His bright spots however are his O-line andthe running game which could allow him time to spread the field a little and keep this team in contention week in and week out.On the other end of the spectrum you have the Packers.With Aaron Roders quickly becoming a stand out Qb capable of putting his team on his shoulders and proving that yes he can stand out from Favres shadow and lead the Packers back to being a feared team.A great recieving core also bolsts Rodgers confidence and ability to shine.This game could have the potential to get ugly but it should stay some what close.Im giving the Packers a 13 point win 23-10.



New England Patriots At Buffalo Bills

Ok.We all know Tom Brady Is great,Randy Moss Arguably amazing.They again will power the patriots to a battle for AFC supremecy.This game however is my UPSET ALERT game of the week.Yes the Bills are huge underdogs,yes the Pats have Moss,brady,and all the other stars that make them great.But I like rooting for the underdog.T.O can make a huge impact on the result of this game.And the Bills are improving on all aspects of the ball.A solid running game,an upgraded rcieving core,and a pretty good D,could make this game very interesting.I feel moss is going to bring out the best in Owens.In the end, my UPSET ALERT game of the week,will go to the Bills with a 30-24 upset of the Patriots.



San Diego Chargers At Oakland Raiders

Yet another game with the power to suprise.The Raiders are poised to take their first steps out from the shadows of medeocracy and on the road back to being a winning team.Several key offseason moves have raider nation buzzing with excitement and in this game,the new Raiders i feel wont disappoint.The Chargers we know are a very good team,stacked deep on both sides of the ball.On paper the Chargers should have no problems,but once again i play my underdog card.Oakland comes out on top 17-14 in this interstate rivalry.