Chicago Cubs: Steve Bartman Discovered in Afghanistan

Casey HCorrespondent IMay 24, 2008

Steven D. Bartman was an ordinary guy who wanted nothing more than to see his Cubs play and hopefully beat the Marlins.

During the game, Moises Alou ran over to attempt a catch of a pop up foul ball that headed towards the direction of Bartman. Alou jumped up to catch the ball, but Bartman got it first.

In Bartman's mind, he was living a dream because he just caught a ball.. But it soon went south.

The Cubs’ fans shouted profanities at him and threw debris onto the field and at him. Bartman was escorted out of the stadium by security for his own safety.

After that night, Bartman seemed to have disappeared off the face of the planet.

The "ball" was purchased by Grant DePorter on eBay for $113,824. Cubs’ fans then chose to explode the ball and destroy the curse forever...or did they...

During a search and destroy mission in Afghanistan, American troops invaded a cave that had only one man in it. The troops reported that he was dressed from head to toe in Cubs’ clothing.

The troops saw him holding a baseball in his hands. One of the soldiers asked if he could see the ball, but the man screamed at him, "MY PRECIOUS."

So for you Cubs’ fans who thought the curse was over, think again. Bartman still lives with the one ball to rule them all, hiding in the caves of Afghanistan.