How I Feel The Season Will Go

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How I Feel The Season Will Go

Let me first say I am excited for the season the start and decided to look over the schedule to see how i think we will do this year. I was looking at Sports Illustrated projections and out of 9 writers.

9 out of 9 have us in the playoffs

6-9 have is ine NFC Championship

4-9 have us in the Super Bowl

None have us winning the SuperBowl

And a side note One writer has us losing to the Bears in the NFC Championship



I see this as a very good game but I am going to give the nod to the packers

24-14 Culter is better than Klye Orton but can he lead a team with the Bears on his back

WEEK TWO  Cincinnati Bengals

I do believe that the Bengals have improved but not enough for the Bengals to upset the Pack  Packers win 31-10

Week Three  St Louis Rams

I do feel the Steven Jackson is underated but don't like the rams defense stops Rodgers and Grant  Packers win 34-14

Week Four Minnesota Vikings

I am conflicted on the game but i don't see Favre Killing us but I see Vikings 21-14

Week Five

Bull Crap Bye so early but we go into the bye 3-1

Week Six Detroit lions

The lions are improved but that is not saying much when you can't go but up from 0-16  Packers win 41-10

Week Seven Cleveland Browns

I live in Ohio and have some bets on this game but I just don't see a upset happening here thank god. Packers 42-24

Week Eight Minnesota Vikings

With this game at home and Favre pushing himself he will throw at least on pick 6 and Packers win 24-17

Ween Nine Tampa Bay

They have gotten worse since last year but I think the Packers win easily 24-3

Week Ten Dallas Cowboys

A very scary thing even though I think the Packers are better this is a upset Cowboys 24-21

Week Eleven San Francisco 49ers

I see this as a upset I don't know why but this scares me maybe because of the past

49ers 17-14

Week Twelve Detroit Lions

Easy win on Thanksgiving 34-17

Week Thirteen Baltimore Ravens

This is another scary game but I think the Pack pull it off 17-14

Week Fourteen Chicago Bears

Pack win in a close game 31-27

Week Fifteen Pittsburg Steelers

This will be the game of the week possible teams in the super bowl Pack wins on a late fieldgoal  Packers win 17-14

Week sixteen Seahawks

Pack wins this game even with Hasselbeck 31-17

Week Seventeen Cardinals

Pack wins a shutout 42-37

Here i have the packers going going 13-3 and winning the NFC North feel free the commennt I would love to here from anyone

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