NCAA Football BlogPoll: Week One

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NCAA Football BlogPoll: Week One
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1. florida The Gators season will get interesting in two weeks against Tennessee. Until then, they sit here untouched. -
2. Texas I am careful not to put much too much stock in one game, but if they find a dependable running game: Beware. -
3. USC Let's be clear, San Jose State sucks. But something looked a little different in the USC running game. Nobody wants to hear that. -
4. Alabama The defense was—dare I say it—more dominant than last year. If the ground game performs that well every week Florida may have a game on its hands in the SECCG. 2
5. Oklahoma State With all the pressure on the Cowboys, they took down a major SEC opponent. Beating Georgia is always impressive. 2
6. LSU If you stayed up to watch this one you saw a LSU team that you would not want to face down the road. It was not always pretty but the Huskies were way improved. 1
7. Penn State The schedule is horrendous but Penn State was in control the whole time. Compared to many around them, there were no noticeable problems. 5
8. California If they get solid QB play all the way along (a BIG if), Jahvid Best can do the rest. You should watch him play as much as possible. 3
9. Georgia Tech They did not play especially well but the ground game was dominant. Now, it gets even better with Roddy Jones coming back this week. 1
10. Ohio State The OSU defense played better than it is getting credit for and the offense scored on six of 10 possessions. Still, the killer instinct did not appear to be there. 2
11. Oklahoma BYU played a great game but the Sooners were shell-shocked when Bradford went down. With a week to adjust, expect to see a nasty running game and a very tough defense. 7
12. Notre Dame This is likely waaaaaay too high (and I did pick Michigan to beat them this weekend), but they did more than was expected by crushing Nevada. 9
13. Ole Miss Don't be deceived by the score, it took Ole Miss far too long to finish Memphis and it was not until late that Jevan Snead and the offense woke up. -
14. Miami The pure talent on the Hurricanes is impressive. They will blow a couple games this season but the skill is there to be terrific. 5
15. Virginia Tech This may be too harsh but if you watched the game you saw VT get manhandled all night. On the positive side, they hung around when they had no business being in that game. 1
16. brigham_young They did everything they had to do to win but Oklahoma was mentally destroyed by Bradford's injury. They are two spots ahead of FSU...for now. 10
17. North Carolina UNC has been getting great recruits and that is going to start paying dividends. I really believe this is a team to keep your eye on. 1
18. Florida State The defense was disappointing but we already talked about Miami's skill. Somebody had to lose on Monday night, but I would not be shocked to see those two meet in the ACCCG. 1
19. Georgia The skill positions looked weak and Sturdivant's injury may cause an unraveling on offense. You will find out this week against a good Gamecock defense. 4
20. Kansas First things first, they have no defense. Who cares? That offense should score at will. 2
21. Nebraska The total offense—passing and running—needs to prove it against a real team, but there were certainly some encouraging signs this past weekend. 2
22. missouri Mizzou delivered the beatdown of the weekend. But let's be honest, you are not totally surprised the Zookers laid an egg. 4
23. boise_state Boise played well but Oregon was horrible and it was not all BSU's doing. We may never know if they are for real...unless they lose to Tulsa. 3
24. TCU They did not play. Nothing to see here. -
25. cincinnati I watched this game for about 10 minutes and instantly wondered why Schiano stayed. 1
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