The Best Comebacks In The Wwe

brandon stanleyContributor ISeptember 9, 2009

" Give me a Hell Yeah" if you think Stone cold is one of the best superstars to set foot in the WWE arena. He has done about 20 comebacks but he is still a fan favorite. His comebacks have shocked the entire world. Like the one in WWF when he helped them against WCW. I personally liked the one when he stunned MVP. 

"Are you ready", because one of the most greatest tag teams of all time, DX has legendary comebacks. This team has gone to Greatest to legendary. One of the most anticipated comeback's was in 2009. They took out Legacy and kept their legendary status.

"IF YOU SMELL WHAT IM COOKING", then  you would think that The Rock is one of the best out, besides many others. He is the most electrifying superstars that ever stepped in to that arena. We all want to see him comeback after so many years. As you know on you-tube people want to see John Cena, take on The Rock. Rock is still one of the most electrifying superstars in the WWF. His comebacks have shocked alot of people.

"I Walk Alone", if you don't think that Batista has had many great comebacks. The one when he destroyed Legacy was Cool. He has so many fans. Him with Evolution was a powerful team. He is the "cream of the crop", in wrestling. That Batista Bomb and his other moves have really made him popular. He is one of the best.

Last but not least The Hardy Boys Have really made an impact on WWE. All those high-flying moves have really made them popular. Their tag team title reigns are tremendous. One of their best comebacks was when Matt Hardy came to his senses and joined up with Jeff in 2009. Some reason Jeff is really popular now even though he is gone. They are still a charismatic team though.