What Is Going On With Denver?

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2009

It is September 9th and just a few weeks before the start of training camp and Denver still hasn't added a new sixth man and replacement for Linas Kleiza.  The front office has been silent for weeks and quite frankly, many Denver fans are growing tired of the waiting.

After speaking to a few Nuggets fans and hearing their response about how the Nuggets haven't addressed the missing wing issue I have realized a few things.  Fans are starting to get annoyed with the front office in Denver.  The reigning executive of the year Mark Warkentin hasn't done anything for a month now since Linas Kleiza has left Denver for the Olympiacos.

Fans are also showing signs of insecurity with the Nuggets and are starting to worry about their team who finished second in the West last year and six wins away from and NBA title is falling off the map completely in the West. 

Nugget fans are starting to think that Warkentin is struggling with finding a replacement for Kinas Kleiza that can help the Nuggets compete as well as respect Stan Kronke' s wish of cost cutting and spending the least amount of money as possible.

With all of that said I think this needs to change.  I think Stan Kronke needs to step up as an owner of a successful NBA team who he calls "his passion" and make the two moves necessary to bring Denver back to the top two in the West and back to a title contender.

Stand needs to allow Mark Warkentin to give....

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