College FB Shakeup: Upset Losses Don't Spell Doom

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College FB Shakeup: Upset Losses Don't Spell Doom
IconFans of Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Oregon, West Virginia, and Rutgers—don't fret. Your season isn't over. Not yet, anyway. For starters, everyone but West Virginia still controls their own destiny in the conference-title hunt. With the national championship decided by voters and computers, every team starts the season aiming to win their conference and then let the BCS chips fall how they may.

Of course, all the upset teams had dreams of playing in the BCS title game. Amazingly enough, all could still wind up there—thanks in large part to the fact that so many contenders fell on the same day. When the smoke cleared on Saturday, USC, LSU, Ohio State, Cal, Boston College, and Wisconsin were the primary contenders still standing, with South Florida, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Missouri, Arizona State, Hawaii, Kansas, and Purdue looking like legitimate threats go undefeated. The sheer number of unbeaten teams might make it seem impossible that the Sooners, 'Horns, Gators, and Co. can control their own fate en route to New Orleans—but in reality, they can.

The season is still young, and those who've already suffered defeats can still rebound. Remember, the Gators still get a crack at LSU. Oregon still gets a crack at USC. Wisconsin has looked anything but unbeatable, and Ohio State must still face Michigan, among other tough Big Ten foes. The upsets today also revise the hope of one-loss teams like Georgia, Nebraska, Florida State, and UCLA. As for Oklahoma and Texas—both lost to teams in the Big XII North, meaning both are still in complete control of their own fate in the South—and, ultimately, in their pursuit of a conference championship.

At first glance, it looked like next week's "Blockbuster Saturday" had lost its luster. Instead, it seems to be more important than ever—think Georgia-Tennesee, for example. "Blockbuster Saturday" may no longer be the right term to use—maybe "Elimination Saturday" would be more fitting, as several losers will be eliminated from conference or national title races. I'll get into the games as the week goes on, but don't think all the losses today have ruined next Saturday.

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